The Missing Bride

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(4.3 stars; 38 reviews)

Prepare yourself for a journey, full of adventures and plot twists which will keep you guessing until the very end. This is psychological romance at its best. In the war of 1814, an American heiress falls in love with a British officer. This ill-fated marriage brings together a large group of interesting people who would never have met in other circumstances. (Summary by Stav Nisser) (10 hr 38 min)


01 - Chapter 1: LUCK ENOUGH 18:43 Read by Helen Falconer
02 - Chapter 2: THE ATTACK 15:13 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
03 - Chapter 3: YOUNG AMERICA IN 1814 17:27 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
04 - Chapter 4: EDITH'S TROUBLES 11:40 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
05 - Chapter 5: SANS SOUCI 7:55 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
06 - Chapter 6: THE BLIGHTED HEART 17:07 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
07 - Chapter 7: WANDERING FANNY 27:08 Read by Mike Pelton
08 - Chapter 8: THE FOREST FAIRY 19:00 Read by Mike Pelton
09 - Chapter 9: CLIPPING A BIRD'S WINGS 13:59 Read by Mike Pelton
10 - Chapter 10: A GRIM MARRIAGE 18:49 Read by Mike Pelton
11 - Chapter 11: DELL-DELIGHT 10:13 Read by Mike Pelton
12 - Chapter 12: MARIAN, THE INSPIRER 9:11 Read by Amanda Friday
13 - Chapter 13: LOVE 19:47 Read by Amanda Friday
14 - Chapter 14: CLOUDY 5:43 Read by Amanda Friday
15 - Chapter 15: THE FAIRY BRIDE 25:01 Read by Amanda Friday
16 - Chapter 16: THE BRIDE OF AN HOUR 6:13 Read by Mike Pelton
17 - Chapter 17: SPRING AND LOVE 12:30 Read by Mike Pelton
18 - Chapter 18: THAT NIGHT 19:50 Read by Mike Pelton
19 - Chapter 19: THE INTERCEPTED LETTER 8:43 Read by Amanda Friday
20 - Chapter 20: AS A LAST RESORT 9:11 Read by Amanda Friday
21 - Chapter 21: ONE OF SANS SOUCI'S TRICKS 18:32 Read by Amanda Friday
22 - Chapter 22: PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE 14:54 Read by Mike Pelton
23 - Chapter 23: SANS SOUCI'S LAST FUN 17:24 Read by Mike Pelton
24 - Chapter 24: NIGHT AND STORM 11:55 Read by Sandra Luna
25 - Chapter 25: THE STRUGGLE ENDED 11:37 Read by Sandra Luna
26 - Chapter 26: THE BODY ON THE BEACH 16:53 Read by Sandra Luna
27 - Chapter 27: THE MISSING MARIAN 20:09 Read by Sandra Luna
28 - Chapter 28: IN MERRY ENGLAND 11:18 Read by Sandra Luna
29 - Chapter 29: THURSTON 14:30 Read by Sandra Luna
30 - Chapter 30: MIRIAM 7:13 Read by Sandra Luna
31 - Chapter 31: DREAMS AND VISIONS 15:20 Read by Mike Pelton
32 - Chapter 32: DISCOVERIES 40:36 Read by Mike Pelton
33 - Chapter 33: THE AVENGER 33:11 Read by Mike Pelton
34 - Chapter 34: UPON CHARGE OF MURDER 26:56 Read by Mike Pelton
35 - Chapter 35: MARIAN 35:11 Read by Mike Pelton
36 - Chapter 36: THE TRIAL 34:04 Read by Mike Pelton
37 - Chapter 37: REUNION 15:08 Read by Mike Pelton


(3 stars)

interesting study of simplified characters of some people in England and US at the time; it starts out very promising of an unusual heroin but keeping track of the number, relations and destiny of people in the story is a bit of a challenge. Women are all overly virtuous or cheeky, men are either young and pure gentlemen or grumpy and selfish older ones. It's an amusing story with not much dispense. Romance is rather glorified and associated with endless acceptance and years of waiting for the loved one rather than actions and bravery. Unusual for the time of writing, women are allowed to take matter in their own hands and build up enterprise and prosperity, but somehow always end up dying or with a man who promises "to take care of them and relieve of their burden". nevertheless I enjoyed the little twists and turns, the wordy descriptions of people, nature and situations. Not the usual strength of the author and harder to get into it. Definitely had better mystery romances.

What a Story!

(5 stars)

I have yet to read or listen to a book by Southworth that didn't keep me on the edge of my seat. Midway through this story, when things got sadder and sadder, I was about to quit listening to it altogether, when the story took a turn and I was fully engrossed all the way to the very end. This book was read by several readers, all who did an excellent job.


(2 stars)

This book is disappointing after reading & loving The Hidden Hand. It is very much like a Soap Opera... There's no funny parts, and it's not wholesome like I expected. It's mainly just lovers and death and a frustrating storyline. I will not be listening to it again.

awful narration.

(0.5 stars)

I have annoyed other books by this author , but I could not make it past chapter 4 of this book thanks to the narration. I do wish the readers would simply read & not attempt character voices.

(3 stars)

It's a good story and plot but the narrators aren't very good.

(5 stars)

very good story but the narrative took some getting used to

fun,lots of folk to keep track of!

(4 stars)