Biltmore Oswald

Read by Nigel Boydell

(4.6 stars; 14 reviews)

The hilarious diary of a young man's recruitment into, and service in a navy, which, though well equipped and disciplined, remains woefully ill prepared for his arrival and dubious contribution. (Introduction by Nigel Boydell) (3 hr 31 min)


01 - Part 1 21:49 Read by Nigel Boydell
02 - Part 2 20:39 Read by Nigel Boydell
03 - Part 3 21:28 Read by Nigel Boydell
04 - Part 4 22:55 Read by Nigel Boydell
05 - Part 5 17:11 Read by Nigel Boydell
06 - Part 6 23:34 Read by Nigel Boydell
07 - Part 7 23:37 Read by Nigel Boydell
08 - Part 8 23:33 Read by Nigel Boydell
09 - Part 9 19:56 Read by Nigel Boydell
10 - Part 10 16:39 Read by Nigel Boydell


Well done!

(4 stars)

The guy sounds a little like like me in the Navy! The reader of this humorous story is excellent with a really neat British or Scotch or whatever it is accent, but wouldn't it be better if he read stories that took place in England rather than the Bronx? Anyway I like his style. My favorite chapter was the mermaid chapter. :)

Hilarious, fantastic reader

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable and so perfectly read by Nigel that it's easy to believe he is in fact Biltmore Oswald. There is a sequel, by the way... maybe we can look forward to that...

Pretty funny

(4 stars)

Good humor. Reminds me of the book, "Dere Mable", downloadable here, which is even funnier.

(3.5 stars)

Very old. But pretty good tongue in cheek humor


(5 stars)

Excellent reader of experiences that a definitely humorous.

ROFL!!! Nigel's voice as the protagonist is spot on!!!

(5 stars)