Murder Takes the Veil

Read by Maria Therese

(4.4 stars; 71 reviews)

Set in the Louisiana bayou country, here is a drama rich with suspense...the story of lovely Trillium Pierce powerless at the mercy of a murderer who believes that he has no power over himself - that his determination to kill is written in the stars. The frightened girl is helpless, as her friends at Aurelian College are victimized by the menace who stalks the swampland in a nun's habit.

Margaret Ann Hubbard was a writer of various genres: historical novels, Catholic children's books, and several crime mysteries written during the 1950's and 1960's. ( Summary by From a dust jacket and Maria Therese ) (8 hr 28 min)


01 - Chapter One 20:14 Read by Maria Therese
02 - Chapter Two 14:49 Read by Maria Therese
03 - Chapter Three 40:08 Read by Maria Therese
04 - Chapter Four 27:24 Read by Maria Therese
05 - Chapter Five 25:20 Read by Maria Therese
06 - Chapter Six 22:12 Read by Maria Therese
07 - Chapter Seven 18:27 Read by Maria Therese
08 - Chapter Eight 25:42 Read by Maria Therese
09 - Chapter Nine 32:53 Read by Maria Therese
10 - Chapter Ten 16:48 Read by Maria Therese
11 - Chapter Eleven 33:48 Read by Maria Therese
12 - Chapter Twelve 16:21 Read by Maria Therese
13 - Chapter Thirteen 41:56 Read by Maria Therese
14 - Chapter Fourteen 5:53 Read by Maria Therese
15 - Chapter Fifteen 20:58 Read by Maria Therese
16 - Chapter Sixteen 43:16 Read by Maria Therese
17 - Chapter Seventeen 26:29 Read by Maria Therese
18 - Chapter Eighteen 18:26 Read by Maria Therese
19 - Chapter Nineteen 40:11 Read by Maria Therese
20 - Chapter Twenty 17:06 Read by Maria Therese


Sweet little mystery

(4 stars)

this was an enjoyable little mystery featuring likeable characters in a charming setting. though set in a convent, there was no religious content. instead it was lively, light and not too difficult to solve around 80% into the story. the reader was ok- several mispronounced words but otherwise good.

Great story - excellent reading!

(5 stars)

The summary covers the plot. The book is written in a style as to keep you unsure of who the murderer is until the end. You, the listener, must solve the case. The reader did an excellent job. The recordings were perfect. Enjoy!

Good Mystery, Well Read

(5 stars)

I enjoyed listening to this story and this reader. I will definitely be looking for more books by this author, as well as books read by this reader. That makes it an excellent find to me!

eerie setting heightens suspense

(4 stars)

A good mystery set in the Louisiana bayou country. A girls school is menanced by an unknown murderer while one girl is terror stricken but silent.

Great Mystery

(5 stars)

The reader, the setting and the characters all contributed to the enjoyment of this cozy mystery.

A terrific story.

(4 stars)

What an excellent story uncluttered by too many characters to keep their names straight.

Reader improved a bit

(4 stars)

very entertaining story. hard to stop listening once you get going. 2017

Murder Takes The Veil

(4 stars)

An enjoyable whodunit, that should keep you guessing until the very end.