Mary Marie

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(4.6 stars; 163 reviews)

A charming 'coming of age' story about a young girl, Mary Marie, whose young life is thrown into turmoil as her parents divorce. As she leads two lives, she comes to realize that her parents still love one another, and engineers a reunion. In the end, we discover the long-lasting effect of this turmoil on the adult Mary Marie, and her own marriage." (summary by Lynne Thompson) (6 hr 26 min)


00 - Preface, Which Explains Things 8:17 Read by Sunni West
01 - I Am Born 15:28 Read by Sunni West
02 - Nurse Sarah's Story 11:00 Read by Sunni West
03 - The Break Is Made 21:08 Read by Sunni West
04 - When I Am Marie 39:45 Read by Sunni West
05 - When I Am Mary, part 1 50:56 Read by Lynne T
06 - When I Am Mary, part 2 46:30 Read by Lynne T
07 - When I Am Both Together 57:16 Read by Lynne T
08 - When I Am Neither One 31:22 Read by Lynne T
09 - Which Is The Real Love Story 46:57 Read by Lynne T
10 - Which Is The Test 57:58 Read by Lynne T


(5 stars)

As usual Eleanor H Porter manages to bring out the most important message that the me should serve the we & not the reverse).But she accomplishes the incredible feat of telling an engaging story where the realistic dialogue & monologue lead us to the aporopriate conclusions There is no preaching ! Instead the author deftly portrays a young girl struggle with the fallout of parents divorcing rather than attempting to workout their issues. A wonderful read with fabulous readers!!!

loved it!!!!!

(4.5 stars)

I loved this book! as a note to kids if your parents are arguing a lot then have them read this book! it may save them from great grief.

kids pay

(5 stars)

good story of children paying the price for parents divorce often.

funny ok read

(3.5 stars)

it is a beautiful story, funny and emotional

beautiful - do listen!

(5 stars)

humorous and sweet, heartbreaking and encouraging. a child's story with a woman's ending. i can't think of a better story to show the pain of a broken home - and the beauty of a whole one!

(5 stars)

Every person who ever gets married should have to listen to this story! A bit of echoes... But we'll worth it! Some families might be kept together if the listener heeds the advice!

(5 stars)

a lovely story great readers, sunni was kinda hard to listen to though, and Eleanor H porter did a great job of writing this story

(5 stars)

Such a GOOD insightful study of the necessary give and take of a great marriage. Well written and well read.