The Recollections of Rifleman Harris

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(4.6 stars; 52 reviews)

The recollections of a British infantryman who served in the British army during the Napoleonic Wars. (Summary by Graham Keeling) (4 hr 5 min)


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Not my typical read

(5 stars)

This book is outside my usual genre but you have to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. :-) This story is like a diary, putting you right on the front of the many battles the soldier, Harris, endured. As I was listening I felt as if I was there watching along with him. It was painful at times, some of the hardships and death endured were so intense. The reader was excellent.

very interesting

(5 stars)

for anyone a fan of peninsular war history this is a must. interesting glimpse into the life of a soldier and full of fascinating anecdotes, very well read too.

Rings true

(4 stars)

Vivid, personal account of the life of a British private soldier. You may wish as I do that an editor hadn't intervened between us and rifleman Harris. Excellent reading.

(5 stars)

A moving portrayal of a boy soldier who joined the now fabled Rifles, through the Peninsula wars and the Corruna retreat to the little known Holland incursion prior to Waterloo.

Brutally inspiring !

(5 stars)

Beggars belief, sheer grit, the epitome of men, men of epitome, Rifleman Harris, what a freakin champion !

an eye opener

(5 stars)

What a great demonstration of the contrast of old army to nw


(5 stars)

Such a heart warming book of when men were men..

Great historical information on the British solder fighting Napoleon

(5 stars)