In the Fog

Read by Bob Gonzalez

(4.5 stars; 82 reviews)

The story is set in London, at an elite gentleman’s club called "The Grill," where an American gentleman arrests the attention of four other men by relating how one night he got lost in a thick London fog. He stumbled upon a house where a double murder was just committed. The victims of the murder were a young nobleman and a Russian princess. He escaped from the house and reported the killings to Scotland Yard. But they were unable to find the location of the dwelling. All very strange, as three of the other gentlemen all offer more information and perspectives on various details of the incident as they endeavor to solve the mystery. (Introduction by Bob Gonzalez) (2 hr 8 min)


Chapter 01 40:59 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Chapter 02 42:34 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Chapter 03 44:42 Read by Bob Gonzalez


Neat story, unexpected twist

(5 stars)

I was fairly impressed with this story and didn't see the ending coming. Warning, there are a number of characters so you might get a bit confused. This is another good one for some notes. :-) Reader was EXCELLENT, as were the recordings. I enjoyed this story, nice break between all the other stuff I have to do during the day. I am going to listen again to see if I caught all the nuances.

(5 stars)

"In the Fog" is a genuinely classic piece of Victorian genre fiction, but I really want to single out the reader for praise. I've listened to professionally produced audiobooks narrated with less eloquence and skill than this.

Don’t give up on this one.

(4 stars)

I just didn’t get this story until my third reading. I reread it because the reviews are so positive and I just needed to figure out what I was missing. I finally got it! Very clever, well written, and read masterfully.


(5 stars)

Bravo! Superb reading, and a great story! I also didn't see the ending coming. (I saw the one, but not the other.) Very entertaining! I'm going to have to save this one for a car trip. Hubby needs to hear it. :)

great reader

(3.5 stars)

A nice little story about 3 man sat around a table in a club telling a story about a double murder. An unexpected twist at the end

Great story and reading

(5 stars)

What a delightful story. It was interesting from the first word all the way to the last. Thoroughly enjoyable. The narrator was wonderful.

Loved the ending

(4.5 stars)

Well read, but took me 3 times before I got hooked in. It might just have been timing for me. Very enjoyable!

Haha! That was awesome!

(5 stars)

That fine reader is at least half responsible for the happy thrill this story was for me. Thank you LibriVox.