The Price of Love

Read by Christine Blachford

(4.3 stars; 57 reviews)

Rachel Louise Fleckring works for the elderly Mrs Maldon, and although with the woman for only a short time, she is taken into the heart of the family. She falls in love with one of Mrs Maldon's descendants, but along the way, she has to come to terms with the fact that he isn't, perhaps, the perfectly honest man she thought he was. (Summary by Christine) (9 hr 12 min)


MONEY IN THE HOUSE 58:09 Read by Christine Blachford
LOUIS' DISCOVERY 17:03 Read by Christine Blachford
THE FEAST 25:33 Read by Christine Blachford
IN THE NIGHT 40:58 Read by Christine Blachford
NEWS OF THE NIGHT 21:45 Read by Christine Blachford
THEORIES OF THE THEFT 42:47 Read by Christine Blachford
THE CINEMA 42:02 Read by Christine Blachford
END AND BEGINNING 32:35 Read by Christine Blachford
THE MARRIED WOMAN 28:37 Read by Christine Blachford
THE CHASM 44:43 Read by Christine Blachford
JULIAN'S DOCUMENT 24:38 Read by Christine Blachford
RUNAWAY HORSES 50:28 Read by Christine Blachford
DEAD-LOCK 17:02 Read by Christine Blachford
THE MARKET 19:20 Read by Christine Blachford
THE CHANGED MAN 13:47 Read by Christine Blachford
THE LETTER 19:10 Read by Christine Blachford
IN THE MONASTERY 20:06 Read by Christine Blachford
MRS. TAMS'S STRANGE BEHAVIOUR 14:27 Read by Christine Blachford
RACHEL AND MR. HORROCLEAVE 19:25 Read by Christine Blachford


Drama Drama LOL

(5 stars)

Arnold Bennett is one of my favorites, both his novels and some of his humorous self-help books. This book reminded me that people can be so inscrutable, with their chattering endless thoughts and secret motives. He does tend to be a little harsh regarding women, but I think mostly that's a sign of the times when it was written. Nevertheless, it was an interesting look at the inner emotional roller coaster of some women's thoughts. I did say some not all. I've been in love many times, but thanks Arnold for reminding me why I choose to remain single. Hehe. The reader was excellent. She wasn't very animated, but has a nice tone of voice, and the speed at which she reads doesn't leave you much time to miss it. Wow, she wastes no time, and I thank her. I will be looking for more of her readings.

(5 stars)

Another fantastic book by Arnold Bennett...I only discovered him recently thanks to Librivox and what a discovery...I had barely heard of him before...I would honestly say he is up there with Dickens, Thomas Hardy and The Bronte sisters as the greatest English writers from that era...its shocking that he has been almost forgotten and his books are deemed unfashionable especially by the snobbery of contemporaries like Virginia Woolf but i hope that people will rediscover AB and he will be rightly regarded as a great writer...his masterpiece is The Old Wives Tale but this is a brilliant story also, and I loved every minute of it...the reader does a brilliant job yes she is fast but the story bustles along at a good pace so her reading suited it

Top Story

(4.5 stars)

This is one of Bennett’s best in my opinion. A storyline which was not obvious where it was heading and in that all the better for it. I have now reached the last of his novels on LibriVox sad to say but may well switch to his short stories or “self helps”. I found the narrator excellent, clear and reading at the correct pace so was surprised to see other reviewers differ in this regard. There is a “fast/slow” feature on my device but didn’t need it. richardg

(4 stars)

Very well written and read. Someone mentioned the reading was too fast but this did not seem so in the one I have just listened to. The Librivox app enables you to very easily change the speed which can remedy any such problem. Thank you to the excellent reader for her time and effort. She deserves 5+ stars. This story was a little depressing for me. I liked Bennett's "Buried Alive" most of all his novels, that was humorous and a work of genius.


(4 stars)

this is another enjoyable book by this author. I enjoyed it as it was not as melancholy as many of his offerings. the reader is very good, her speed of speech is faster than I am accustomed too but became easier to follow as I acclimated.

Unfortunately read much too fast.

(2 stars)

I love this author, and would have liked to listen to the book, but have had to stop after an hour. the reader speeds through so quickly it is hard to get a feel for the story as it is happening.

Too Fast

(1 stars)

I’m a devoted fan of Arnold Bennett but the narration is so fast I can’t concentrate. After listening to half of Chapter 1 I am stopping. The sad thing is the narrator has a lovely voice.

(5 stars)

Another wonderful book by AB which I enjoyed thanks to the reader. She reads a bit faster than usual but once you get used to it, everything is ok. May 2023