Apology of Socrates

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The Apology of Socrates is Plato's version of the speech given by Socrates as he unsuccessfully defended himself in 399 BC against the charges of "corrupting the young, and by not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other daimonia that are novel" (24b). "Apology" here has its earlier meaning (now usually expressed by the word "apologia") of speaking in defense of a cause or of one's beliefs or actions (from the Ancient Greek ἀπολογία). (Summary by Wikipedia) (1 hr 19 min)


Part 1 44:07 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 2 35:15 Read by Bob Neufeld


(5 stars)

Bob neufled I sincerely hope this review reaches you, every book should be narrated by you. I sense an element of mastery and hard work in your narration, someone that has put a lot of time and effort in perfecting the craft and books you read which is rare in narrating. I can sincerely say you equal the work you read, if you know what I mean. I often search for the books you narrate and so hope you do much more narrations you would be regarded as the best I'm sure of it once it's spreads across the Internet. Emerson's The conduct of life is a book I would take delight in hearing you put to voice, his eloquence dare I say suits your voice, anyway thank you so much for the gift!

A perfect reading

(5 stars)

This man is the voice of Socrates! What a truly incredible job he has done. I certainly hope he does many other books. The Apology itself is a great work and the translation is very easy to follow.

A Wise Reading

(4 stars)

Amazing reading. My only complaint is that there was no reading of what happened in between Socrates' great soliloquies. As such we jump from Socrates defending himself to suddenly discussing his sentence. There was never a "The Jury finds Socrates guilty." In spite of this, I was sucked in by the gravitas you brought to Socratic dialogue, particularly when Socrates described the beauty of a meaningless death, a long sleep, where eternity is only a single night. I was utterly spellbound. Good job sir!


(5 stars)

I'm lost for words to describe the great amount of joy this reading gave me. Bob Neufeld I sincerely thank you for transcending the experience of this book to a whole new level. Thank you, for now you have become the voice of Socrates in my mind, such a perfect fit.

Great reading

(5 stars)

I find this to be an interesting listen/read. It should be straightforward since Socrates is defending himself, but not so much and I would think if I got "it" the first time I really didn't get it, because I never get it the first time even when I think I get it. So I will be coming back after I have I let it process a bit. Reading was excellent and makes it easy to listen to over and over for the purpose of full comprehension, thank you.

My introduction to Socrates

(5 stars)

This was my first time hearing or reading The Apology. As others have stated, the reader encapsulated the essence of Socrates as I imagine him. Really enjoyable experience. The text itself revealed to me why it is considered a classic. My journey in getting to know these two figures, Socrates and Plato, has just begun, and what a way to begin. Thank you Bob Neufeld for the narration, and thank you Plato for giving us this moment in history.


(5 stars)

In my 30 years this is my first direct exposure to the philosophy of Plato and Socrates. such a process of thought, examining and cross-examining in context outside of the courts. I'm opening up to a completely new (to me) understanding of my humanity and the reality in which I exist. Checking out all of Plato's works now :)

well done. this auratory has been excellently read.

(4 stars)

what an intriguing failure, as it has lead me to learn more of this Socrates and this familiar call to righteousness. there is truth in what he is saying. I only wish I could have heard the entirely of the case, just to have fullness of understanding.