The Man in the Moone

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

(4.3 stars; 12 reviews)

A self-serving Spaniard discovers a means of traveling to the moon, describing his sensations in transit in terms remarkably consistent with modern astronauts' experiences. He finds on the moon a utopia, which he describes in detail, but being a fallen creature, he takes the first opportunity of coming home. (Summary by Thomas A. Copeland) (1 hr 45 min)


01 - Part 1 35:07 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
02 - Part 2 37:27 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
03 - Part 3 33:10 Read by Thomas A. Copeland


Very well read

(5 stars)

It is extremely fascinating to hear this rather science-fictiony book written in the time Queen Elizabeth II, before Isaac Newton was even born.