The Black Bag

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(4.5 stars; 27 reviews)

Mr. Philip Kirkwood, a not so successful painter, receives a visitor from his home town in America, who wants him to do him an unspecified favor, but Kirkwood doesn''t trust him and sends him away. That night, he sees the stranger dine with his beautiful daughter. In order to protect the girl, the stranger confesses to Kirkwood, that he will be arrested upon leaving the restaurant. Kirkwood agrees to take care of the girl, but when he brings her home, he knows that she is in danger and that there is a mystery attached. He decides to protect the girl? (Summary by Carolin) (10 hr 27 min)


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Very enjoyable mystery

(4 stars)

Kirkwood is a depressed artist who finds new inspiration in helping the distressed Miss Calendar. He is under the impression that Miss Calendar is fleeing from one person, when he learns that the danger is much closer. He pursues her in an attempt to save her from those who would steal her inheritance and maybe even try to kill her. Good story, well-read. I enjoyed it a lot.

(3 stars)

The adventure is fun, but the author seems to believe that use of large words makes the story better when in reality it makes the characters pretentious and unreliable

Good Readers - Verbose Author

(4 stars)

A good story but a bit too long in the telling.