John Dene of Toronto; a Comedy of Whitehall

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(4.7 stars; 73 reviews)

John Dene comes to England with a great invention, and the intention of gingering-up the Admiralty. His directness and unconventional methods bewilder and embarrass the officials at Whitehall, where, according to him, most of the jobs are held by those "whose great-grandfathers had a pleasant way of saying how-do-you-do to a prince."

Suddenly John Dene disappears, and the whole civilised world is amazed at an offer of £20,000 for news of him. Scotland Yard is disorganised by tons of letters and thousands of callers. Questions are asked in the House, the Government becomes anxious, only Department Z. retains its equanimity.

By the way, what did happen to John Dene of Toronto?
(Introduction by Author)

Sequel / companion story: Malcolm Sage, Detective (7 hr 54 min)


01 - The Coming of John Dene 29:03 Read by William Tomcho
02 - John Dene's Way 25:43 Read by William Tomcho
03 - Department Z. 27:50 Read by William Tomcho
04 - Gingering-Up the Admiralty 30:47 Read by William Tomcho
05 - John Dene Leaves Whitehall 24:56 Read by William Tomcho
06 - Mr. Montagu Naylor of Streatham 19:34 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
07 - Mr. Naylor Receives a Visitor 20:50 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
08 - Dorothy West at Home 20:35 Read by William Tomcho
09 - Department Z. at Work 16:59 Read by William Tomcho
10 - John Dene Goes to Kew 25:09 Read by William Tomcho
11 - The Strangeness of John Dene 34:54 Read by morganreads
12 - The Destroyer Ready for Sea 19:18 Read by morganreads
13 - The Disappearance of John Dene 19:30 Read by ToddHW
14 - The Hue and Cry 35:52 Read by William Tomcho
15 - Mr. Llewellyn John Becomes Alarmed 20:56 Read by William Tomcho
16 - Finlay's S.O.S. 15:34 Read by William Tomcho
17 - Malcolm Sage Casts His Net 21:59 Read by William Tomcho
18 - The Return of John Dene 19:39 Read by William Tomcho
19 - Commander John Dene Goes to Bournemouth 14:26 Read by William Tomcho
20 - John Dene's Proposal 15:50 Read by William Tomcho
21 - Marjorie Rogers Pays a Call 15:29 Read by William Tomcho



(5 stars)

I've been reading a lot of books lately. But this is one that bears reading again. I really have enjoyed the entire book. It had just enough Intrigue to make it very interesting and enough comedy to make it light. The readers were all excellent and this is a delightful book.

A Fun Culture Clash Story

(5 stars)

I coordinated this project. First, the readers did a wonderful job, in my opinion! The story itself is a lot of fun. While any astute listener familiar with mysteries would probably solve the "where did he go and how did it happen" question fairly readily, I still found it a lighthearted, enjoyable yarn. I especially enjoyed the blustering nonconformity of John Dene and how he clashed with the bureaucratic British.

Loved the fast paced banter!

(5 stars)

Light hearted, but serious, fast paced but not too much. Fun listen with great characters and just a touch of romance. I so enjoyed this story, it was hard to stop listening, wanting to know...what next! I really enjoyed the Canadian straightforwardness standing the English stiff upper lip on its ear!!


(5 stars)

I am now wondering (seriously) if Jenkins actually wrote the P.G. Wodehouse books that he published! so fun...I have liked every Jenkins story. I actually liked the reader, even though he had such a "non-admiralty" accent. I think I got used to his voice...

(5 stars)

The book was really interesting and I did like listening to it. But maybe I'm too thickheaded because I never did catch on why the book description calls the book a "comedy"??

(5 stars)

A cute story that ends like all love stories must. The light touch of War mystery was just right spice. Both readers were easily understood which made the tale even more enjoyable

Excellent Story

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable book easy light listening. Most of the readers are very good.

(5 stars)

Fun story, above average narration. Perfect company for a solitary afternoon at my workbench.