The Mystic Will

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(4.5 stars; 249 reviews)

This book presents a method of developing and strengthening the faculties of the mind, through the awakened will, by a simple, scientific process possible to any person of ordinary intelligence (Summary by Charles Godfrey Leland) Note: This book was first entitled Have You a Strong Will? In essence, it describes "the secret", the power of positive thinking, and the method of changing your thinking. (4 hr 53 min)


Publisher’s Notice 7:41 Read by Amy Gramour
Author’s Preface 22:23 Read by Amy Gramour
Chapter I.--Attention and Interest 23:38 Read by Mike Pelton
Chapter II.--Self-Suggestion 15:57 Read by Mike Pelton
Chapter III.--Will-Development 29:21 Read by Ernst Schnell
Chapter IV.--Forethought 25:47 Read by Mike Pelton
Chapter V.--Will and Character 28:23 Read by Raz Mason
Chapter VI.--Suggestion and Instinct 18:26 Read by Amy Gramour
Chapter VII.--Memory Culture 14:31 Read by Amy Gramour
Chapter VIII.--The Constructive Faculties 11:08 Read by SopranoHarmony
Chapter IX.--Fascination 47:39 Read by Raz Mason
Chapter X.--The Subliminal Self 23:03 Read by Pamela Krantz
Chapter XI.--Paracelsus 16:38 Read by Pamela Krantz
Chapter XII.--Last Words 9:09 Read by Mike Pelton


Listened over and over

(5 stars)

Unlike the one star comment who says it is boring. I found this book to be really interesting. I suggest the person who made that comment to remember the writer is no longer with us, was from a different era, cannot reply to your dumb comment. I find this really interesting and if you can be bothered to follow up some of the contents advise it will be found to be most beneficial. Perhaps you don't fall in the category in the preface, the part where it mentions if you have reasonable intelligence. I would have liked to thank the author myself if he were alive.

great method, longer than it needed to be

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed all the different readers on each chapter. Having a variety of readers made it more interesting to listen to a long book. Leland has an excellent method for mastering the well in this book and it is worth listening to and considering and applying to your life.

(5 stars)

For those individuals on the upward spiral of spirit, this little work may be of some use. !excellent reader!

(4.5 stars)

interesting book. i like the announcer.

every mind should read this book

(5 stars)

this is a beautiful book and easily understood book on the capabilities of our mind and will. I am using the techniques in this book and I am definitely seeing the results. I'm looking forward to all the potential I can unlease from the use of my own mind.

bullshit bingo

(2.5 stars)

While general concepts of will power are explained, the author fails in my opinion to undermine his statements by concrete methods. Vague statements, common believes states and cryptic quotes add to the bad picture


(5 stars)

I listened to recording while I sleep. There were noticable changes in the way I looked at issues. So much good here just have to let it get in ya like great music

Book for anyone

(4 stars)

while it covers interesting topics. Leland never delved into specifics as well as telling a lot of 3rd person stories. He should have lnstead given more empirical evidence