And So They Were Married

Read by Michele Eaton

(4.3 stars; 35 reviews)

This is the story of Elizabeth North, a young woman who becomes engaged and with the aid of a social climbing friend begins to plan her wedding beyond what she can afford. Her friend Evelyn Tripp convinces Elizabeth that she “simply can’t afford” not to live a fashionable and expensive lifestyle. However, her husband and her grandma help her to see sense and pull herself out of the debt she has got herself into. (Summary by Michele Eaton) (2 hr 23 min)


Chapter I 11:15 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter II 11:56 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter III 16:23 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter IV 11:57 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter V 14:51 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter VI 12:31 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter VII 12:06 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter VIII 13:07 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter IX 19:32 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter X 11:09 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter XI 8:13 Read by Michele Eaton


a reflection on why one should live within their means

(5 stars)

This is a good story for young people today who try to live above their means. I see so many young people who plan extravagant weddings and honeymoons that they can barely afford and put them in debt. Why start out your married life that way when you can learn to live within your means, you will have a happier life and less debt. I think that is partly what a younger person could gain by listening to this story. The narrator has a charming accent. Her pronunciation of the word "lovely" always made me smile. Nice short story, enjoy!

Lesson Learned

(3 stars)

Know what you're good at, and do it. Don't let others talk you into things you don't feel comfortable doing. Be yourself. Live within your means, and keep an eye on your maid. :) Reader was good, but could have added more pauses between sentences and between changes of scene. It WAS a bit like going too fast so that you can't enjoy the scenery.

Quaint tale of growing up

(4 stars)

well read, a charming tale of newlywed life and learning how to take on the keeping of a house and sharing hardships and problems together.

Nice. Excellent reader.

(4 stars)

Nice and easy-to-listen story. Excellent reader, one of those which you are most likely to add to your favourites' list. Thank you, Michele.

Ends well

(5 stars)

a great moral for young people. you can easily see how things got away from them. how easily they could have been ruined.

would've like to enjoyed the story . . .

(1 stars)

but the reader's pace was too fast and her accent made it diifficult to understand.

Good Story

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed this short story. Good Reader. I slowed it down by adjusting the speed and it was just fine.

(5 stars)

thourghly enjoyed this tale,and find it's subject to be still relevant in today's world. The reader DoD an excellent job.