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The first collection by Irish-born poet William Butler Yeats. Many decades before his mysterious and austere Modernist verse earned him a Nobel prize, Yeats achieved renown as one of the last major poets in the High Romantic tradition. These poems showcase his Celtic imagination, his love for Irish folk-tales, and his commitment to the Romantic ideal of love. (Summary by Kasper Nijsen) (0 hr 37 min)


01 - The Song of the Happy Shepherd 3:17 Read by Kasper
02 - The Sad Shepherd 2:08 Read by Kasper
03 - The Cloak, The Boat and The Shoes 0:58 Read by Kasper
04 - Anashuya and Vijaya 7:43 Read by Kasper
05 - The Indian Upon God 2:00 Read by Kasper
06 - The Indian To His Love 1:30 Read by Kasper
07 - The Falling of the Leaves 0:49 Read by Kasper
08 - Ephemera 1:54 Read by Kasper
09 - The Madness of King Goll 4:16 Read by Kasper
10 - The Stolen Child 2:34 Read by Kasper
11 - To an Isle in the Water 0:49 Read by Kasper
12 - Down by the Salley Gardens 0:57 Read by Kasper
13 - The Meditation of the Old Fisherman 1:14 Read by Kasper
14 - The Ballad of John O'Hart 2:00 Read by Kasper
15 - The Ballad of Moll Magee 2:42 Read by Kasper
16 - The Ballad of the Foxhunter 2:40 Read by Kasper


acceptably read

(2.5 stars)

The reader does a passable job with this early collection of Yeats's poetry. The softness of the voice is pleasant, but the accent somewhat bungles the audibility of certain words, as well as the general flow, in many of these poems. Also, the reader occasionally reads them inaccurately -- most notably, the ending of "The Stolen Child," which is a shame, seeing as this is one of Yeats's best poems and deserves a correct recitation.

(5 stars)

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