Wit and Wisdom of Chesterton

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(4.3 stars; 42 reviews)

This little volume, issued as a gift book for lovers of Mr. Chesterton's writings in 1911, is made up from essays to be found in "The Defandant", "Varied Types" and "Tremendous Trifles". These 12 pieces were chosen to giving a peek into the margins of Chesterton's work and give a sense of the distinctive flavor of his mind. They were also chosen with an eye to showing what a complex and fascinating character he was. (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (2 hr 10 min)


A Defense of Nonsense 11:35 Read by TriciaG
A Defense of Useful Information 12:22 Read by John Trevithick
A Defense of Rash Vows 12:46 Read by John Trevithick
A Defense of Farce 11:41 Read by NoelBadrian
A Defense of Baby Worship 8:24 Read by Rhonda Federman
A Defense of Slang 9:10 Read by John Trevithick
A Defense of Humility 11:21 Read by Tiffany Halla Colonna
A Defense of Penny Dreadfuls 13:13 Read by Jessica Louise
Maeterlink 9:52 Read by Martin Geeson
On Lying In Bed 11:16 Read by Martin Geeson
The Little Birds Who Won't Sing 9:02 Read by Tiffany Halla Colonna
A Tragedy of Twopence 9:55 Read by Carol Box


Strangely, not sharp or witty.

(2 stars)

This is a collection of essays by a Victorian humourist. I found they didn’t quite hit the mark for me, and would be difficult to recommend. The recording is good...perhaps I'm not suited to the material?

I just want to point out to the mental midget who accused Cheste

(5 stars)

Mr Geeson's enjoyable ironic tone is a bit at odds with Chester

(4 stars)

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(5 stars)

Not 1 mention of black lives mattering in all his works. Chesterton, a follower of Aldolf Hitler, goes on about the value of human life and a belief in something greater than yourself. Every good person knows these are secret code words for white supremacy. We need to get this guy banned from Twitter before its too late