Miss Lulu Bett

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(4.3 stars; 18 reviews)

Lulu Bett is a spinster, living at the turn of the 20th century essentially as a servant with her sister Ina and brother-in-law Dwight. She is, uncomplainingly, "the family beast of burden," living in the background and tending to the family's needs. It therefore surprises everyone, Lulu included, when Dwight's visiting brother Ninian proposes to her, and she accepts. The surprise is even greater when Lulu returns home alone from their honeymoon trip, with the news that Ninian was already legally married before he married her. What follows brings Lulu into conflict with the self-satisfied Dwight, forcing her to choose how she defines herself, with unexpected results. This novel is the basis of the 1921 play for which Zona Gale became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama. The original ending of the play, in which Lulu gains freedom by walking away from the security of the family, was considered so controversial that a new ending was written. In this, the book, we see the author's original intent. (Summary by Christine Dufour) (4 hr 39 min)


01 - Chapter I - April 31:21 Read by Jacquerie
02 - Chapter II - May 40:25 Read by Jacquerie
03 - Chapter III - June 20:58 Read by Jacquerie
04 - Chapter IV - July 19:38 Read by Jacquerie
05 - Chapter V - August 43:56 Read by Jacquerie
06 - Chapter VI, Part 1 - September 24:18 Read by Jacquerie
07 - Chapter VI, Part 2 - September 19:47 Read by Jacquerie
08 - Chapter VI, Part 3 - September 26:35 Read by Jacquerie
09 - Chapter VI, Part 4 - September 30:55 Read by Jacquerie
10 - Chapter VI, Part 5 - September 21:49 Read by Jacquerie


Good Story

(5 stars)

While the characters seemed uninteresting in the beginning they were redeemed a few chapters in. The story is a unique perspective on the utter selfishness of people. Their comeuppance is dealt in a surprising way at the end. The heroine has her day or does she?

the story is fair . However I think i would hav enjoyed it more

(3 stars)

Miss Lulu Bett

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!


(4.5 stars)

A sweet story and a good reader.