Miss Frances Baird, Detective

Read by J. M. Smallheer

(4.5 stars; 300 reviews)

(5 hr 0 min)


00- Introduction 2:55 Read by J. M. Smallheer
01 - Deneen's Diamonds 9:10 Read by J. M. Smallheer
02 - At the 'Listening Pipes' 8:30 Read by J. M. Smallheer
03 - Brotherly Hate 10:08 Read by J. M. Smallheer
04 - Exit the Jewels 11:40 Read by J. M. Smallheer
05 - Felony 5:12 Read by J. M. Smallheer
06 - 'Dead for a Ducat' 9:41 Read by J. M. Smallheer
07 - A Mysterious Disappearance 11:08 Read by J. M. Smallheer
08 - In the Cellar 9:04 Read by J. M. Smallheer
09 - Mr. Fredericks Returns 15:17 Read by J. M. Smallheer
10 - The Chief's Decision 5:59 Read by J. M. Smallheer
11 - In Which I Am Very Nearly Killed 8:19 Read by J. M. Smallheer
12 - Kemp Learns the Truth 14:49 Read by J. M. Smallheer
13 - We Hunt for Blood-Stains 13:01 Read by J. M. Smallheer
14 - 'Who Killed My Son' 6:26 Read by J. M. Smallheer
15 - 'Thou Art the Man' 16:44 Read by J. M. Smallheer
16 - I Resign 13:27 Read by J. M. Smallheer
17 - In the Jail 9:29 Read by J. M. Smallheer
18 - The Inquest 16:08 Read by J. M. Smallheer
19 - The Woman in the Case 19:01 Read by J. M. Smallheer
20 - I Meet Mrs. Maria Bladesdell 12:22 Read by J. M. Smallheer
21 - I Try the Third Degree 9:06 Read by J. M. Smallheer
22 - Bromley Grows Mysterious 19:02 Read by J. M. Smallheer
23 - 'My Friend, the Thief' 13:35 Read by J. M. Smallheer
24 - 'I Seem to Be Doomed' 12:13 Read by J. M. Smallheer
25 - The Last of It 18:12 Read by J. M. Smallheer


Just okay

(3.5 stars)

Well, this story is just okay. I gave it an extra half star for the very good reading by this Librivox volunteer. One really disgruntling thing, though, was ads. Yes, ads. In a public domain book, on a purely volunteer platform, why were ads for MD Anderson inserted throughout? I have never heard ads in any other Librivox book ever; I was not at all happy that they were snuck into this recording.

Well read

(4 stars)

I enjoy listening to this narrator, she make the story come to life, even the drawn out parts.


(4 stars)

Intriguing plot and characters. Well narrated by J.M.Smallhheer. Liked this more than some early female detective novels. Recommended.

Enjoyed the second time even more than the first.

(5 stars)

Two young detectives, one male and one female and working for the same agency are both assigned undercover to guard diamonds, which shortly after are stolen. Besides this there is a murder and a suicide to uncover and there are a few suspects. Although the crimes/tragedies are serious, I found most entertaining the antagonistic relationship between the two detectives to be most entertaining, causing me to chuckle here and there. The final solution is quite unexpected, and I even enjoyed listening a second time after having forgotten much of it from the first time listening. The reader was excellent. I have enjoyed her clear and pleasant voice reading many mysteries on librivox. Thank you, Ms. Smallheer.

Great story, loved it!

(5 stars)

Pretty fun story of mystery, murder, and detective work. The writer does infuse it with a bit of the "delicate woman" of the times in which he was writing, but it can be excused based on that. Otherwise a fine story of a woman detective who is shrewd, intelligent, and reminds me of a grown up Nancy Drew type. If you like a good mystery detective story this is a good one. Gave it full stars. And read by my favorite reader who does all the voices and makes it a great tale by herself.


(4 stars)

Okay, the story does and doesn't end happy, but it is still a good story. A set of gems is stolen, and shortly after, the soon to be married son of the house is murdered. Two detectives are on the case, but soon it is evident to Miss Baird that she and her partner are heading in opposite directions as to who the guilty party is. She decides to strike out on her own to determine who the killer is. Excellent reader and recordings. Thank you!

(5 stars)

NOT enough information was given to the reader solve this mystery. We could have at least had a chance to work our way through the crime if we had been given more details. Anyone could have solved it if we had only known all of the info in the last chapter. IE - ill gotten gains and a bastard child. No brainer there. It was however VERY well read. Thank you, Joy Wilson.

Keeps your interest

(5 stars)

I might not have chosen this book except I love the reader, Ms. Smallheer. even though it is old-fashioned as it was written long ago, that adds charm. The characters were well developed, each unique. Being a female detective in those days would have been hard, but our heroine manages well. A surprise ending.