The Untroubled Mind

Read by Carol Box

(4.4 stars; 496 reviews)

A very wise physician has said that “every illness has two parts—what it is, and what the patient thinks about it.” What the patient thinks about it is often more important and more troublesome than the real disease. What the patient thinks of life, what life means to him is also of great importance and may be the bar that shuts out all real health and happiness. The following pages are devoted to certain ideals of life which I would like to give to my patients, the long-time patients who have especially fallen to my lot. (Summary by Herbert J Hall - from the Preface) (1 hr 45 min)


Preface 2:21 Read by Carol Box
The Untroubled Mind 10:22 Read by Carol Box
Religio Medici 11:08 Read by Carol Box
Thought and Work 10:33 Read by Carol Box
Idleness 8:17 Read by Carol Box
Rules of the Game 12:37 Read by Carol Box
The Nervous Temperament 10:00 Read by Carol Box
Self-Control 6:48 Read by Carol Box
The Lighter Touch 8:11 Read by Carol Box
Regrets and Forebodings 8:08 Read by Carol Box
The Virtues 7:38 Read by Carol Box
The Cure by Faith 9:12 Read by Carol Box


(5 stars)

very thought provoking read. A remarkable book given it was written a long time ago. A great help to anyone struggling with the stress of today.

Insoiring and uplifting

(5 stars)

very inspiring book it gave me hope and encouragement for Change beautifully and sensitively read

(5 stars)

A wonderful account of the accumulated wisdom gained from Dr Hall's experiences w broken bodies and stricken minds. His compassion and commitment to serve and to heal comes directly from His belief in and relationship to a loving God who is both imminent and transcendent. He ministers the grace of this God to his patients. Modern medicine has lost its sense of this body-soul-mind connection. It is indeed a great loss.

(3 stars)

In the pursuit of an untroubled mind, the author suggests that religious faith is mostly the answer and expresses frustrations towards the reasons why religious scientists aren't taken seriously on many accounts. A mind may be troubled in many ways and those ways should be well evaluated and analyzed but the author expresses views suggesting psychoanalysis to be less effective than faith. Not really what I was looking for, not a lot of actual information but rather a series of opinions.

some good kernels of info but too much Christianity

(2 stars)

very reductive about philosophy and a variety of different fields. Really good intentions but generally quite self help style especially around anxiety/ depression. also too surface level for a heavy reader but if you are looking for some stoicism mixed in with Xtianity then you might really enjoy this

This is a worthy read

(5 stars)

the reader is also good. this short book identifies and treats some of the things that trouble the mind. he pulls together science and religion. he makes a case for a holistic approach. the book is so short the listener has little to lose and much to gain.

Good Book

(4 stars)

The readers voice was pleasant, and the book has good message. Though I think he could have gone deeper. It's a very surface level of understanding. But a good start for those trying to better their life. You have got to start somewhere, why not here

inspirational book

(5 stars)

I loved that you can use these information in your daily life. The you see things can change your whole life. The reader has an a very calm and clear voice.