The Hall in the Grove

Read by TriciaG

(4.6 stars; 66 reviews)

Fearing that her son, Robert, will grow too intellectual to relate to his parents, Mrs. Fenton starts a "Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle" in the town of Centreville. The C.L.S.C. draws in members from all strata of society - from the maid of a well-to-do family and 3 lazy, wild youths to society girls and the eminent Professor Monteith. We follow various members of the Circle as the studies at home and the social interactions and programs at the actual Chautauqua in New York shape and challenge their previous ideas and beliefs.

Included are accounts of actual lectures and events at Chautauqua during the summer of 1880, providing a unique historical look at the Chautauqua phenomenon of that era.

The tunes for the songs in chapter 23 are found HERE and HERE. The tune for the song in chapter 42 is HERE. (Summary by TriciaG) (14 hr 21 min)


01 - Little By-paths 14:44 Read by TriciaG
02 - 'C. L. S. C.' 19:03 Read by TriciaG
03 - The Outlook 26:05 Read by TriciaG
04 - Pick 'Em Up, Car'line 20:01 Read by TriciaG
05 - The Ward Boys Discuss the Situation 25:06 Read by TriciaG
06 - Launched 26:39 Read by TriciaG
07 - 'Isn't It Nice?' 19:15 Read by TriciaG
08 - 'I Know I Shall Stick' 23:02 Read by TriciaG
09 - Spheres 17:05 Read by TriciaG
10 - Accidents(?) 20:44 Read by TriciaG
11 - To the Rescue 19:08 Read by TriciaG
12 - Enlarging the Circle 15:06 Read by TriciaG
13 - The Circle and Its Centre 24:53 Read by TriciaG
14 - The Tables Turned 19:31 Read by TriciaG
15 - A Theological Review 29:34 Read by TriciaG
16 - Questions and Answers 18:39 Read by TriciaG
17 - 'Yes; I Like It' 16:57 Read by TriciaG
18 - This Way to the Hall 22:04 Read by TriciaG
19 - Simple Addition 14:22 Read by TriciaG
20 - 'Gifts Differing' 19:20 Read by TriciaG
21 - Flats and Sharps 19:52 Read by TriciaG
22 - 'It's in the Atmosphere' 28:46 Read by TriciaG
23 - 'It Was a Wonderful Meeting' 29:28 Read by TriciaG
24 - Magnificent Distances 21:03 Read by TriciaG
25 - 'There's No End to It' 21:29 Read by TriciaG
26 - The Centre of the Circle 18:00 Read by TriciaG
27 - 'I Mean It; and I Mean It Forever' 21:32 Read by TriciaG
28 - 'Them Christian Commission Folks' 16:41 Read by TriciaG
29 - 'What's in a Name?' 18:06 Read by TriciaG
30 - Commissioned to Shine 19:17 Read by TriciaG
31 - The Book 22:03 Read by TriciaG
32 - 'All Mixed Up' 12:53 Read by TriciaG
33 - An Early Tribute 11:01 Read by TriciaG
34 - Evading the Point 18:19 Read by TriciaG
35 - 'That Is a Fact' 21:16 Read by TriciaG
36 - Co-operation 22:28 Read by TriciaG
37 - 'The Fires of Genius' 17:47 Read by TriciaG
38 - Decided 16:14 Read by TriciaG
39 - 'The Blind Gropings of Genius' 16:33 Read by TriciaG
40 - Ablaze 29:22 Read by TriciaG
41 - 'Paul a Servant of God' 22:21 Read by TriciaG
42 - The 'Yesterdays' and the 'To-morrows' 25:19 Read by TriciaG


(4.5 stars)

Great narration. Most thorough explanation of Chataquan movement I've come across. Great reminder to those striving to live according to God's Word and find positive ways to teach and encourage us.....while there were many positives in what the movement was trying to accomplish. ...there was definitely teaching not according to Scripture. ...if I understood correctly, some of the Chataquan teachings were actually idolatrous in nature. This is a book I want to read myself to make sure I understood correctly.

A wonderful Chautauqua story.

(5 stars)

Of all the Chautauqua stories, I think I love this one best. Caroline is such a winsome character. Robert Fenton is charming. Listening and knowing that in the end Christ would have his way, in no way takes away from the story. The fact that this story actually has a sort of a villain is probably why I enjoyed it so much. This is a book not to be missed.


(5 stars)

There are many who meet Jesus, but mostly the reader experiences many aspects of the Chatauqua assembly of 1880 attended by General Garfield. The assembly is clearly pro-Garfield.

heresy filled

(0.5 stars)

I would pass on this one, it is full of error and heresy. most other Pansy books have greater value.

(4 stars)

enjoyed how she made an interesting biography of the hall in the grove by making it a novel

Always a good story by this Author and reader

(5 stars)

Thanks to reader