Miss Mackenzie

Read by Kirsten Wever

(4.5 stars; 155 reviews)

The thirty-five year-old (hence utterly over-the-hill) Miss Margaret Mackenzie, having devoted her life to others, suddenly finds herself with no one to care for, and in possession of a moderate fortune. Having money, she is now much sought-after and no longer universally deemed too old to marry. Partly because she has spent her life taking care of the brother whose money she has now inherited, she has no experience of wealth or popularity. Miss Mackenzie is the definition of “other-oriented. (Indeed, Trollope originally considered naming the novel, and his heroine, “Griselda”, presumably to invoke the folkloric character’s qualities of stolid obedience and endless patience.) These circumstances are the perfect set-up for classic Trollopian swipes and snipes at various fortune-hunters and other obsequies, and more broadly at society’s sexism, classism, and Mammonism. She comes into her own and begins to try to enjoy life, at first juggling, but ultimately rejecting, three serious suitors. As the story unfolds, the particulars of her deceased brother’s life and death reveal themselves, Miss Mackenzie becomes increasingly able to know who she is and what she wants, and both she and the reader are better able to discern the true colors of those around her. The question is: Will her self-knowledge overcome both her personal history and various social prejudices, so as to allow her to fall in love with – and say “yes” to – a really good man? (Summary by Kirsten Wever) (15 hr 10 min)


01 - Chapter 1 33:10 Read by Kirsten Wever
02 - Chapter 2 30:15 Read by Kirsten Wever
03 - Chapter 3 29:25 Read by Kirsten Wever
04 - Chapter 4 31:32 Read by Kirsten Wever
05 - Chapter 5 28:13 Read by Kirsten Wever
06 - Chapter 6 28:49 Read by Kirsten Wever
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09 - Chapter 9 29:56 Read by Kirsten Wever
10 - Chapter 10 30:54 Read by Kirsten Wever
11 - Chapter 11 31:16 Read by Kirsten Wever
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Interesting story, very well read.

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. Miss Mackenzie is a spinster (a term which really grates the modern reader). She receives and loses an inheritance. Miss Mackenzie is a vulnerable, lonely and a highly principled woman. Trollope shows the difficulties a single women encounters in dealing with fortune hunters and how quickly a person is abandoned by 'friends' when the fortune is lost. All is good at the end. Kirsten Wever does a wonderful job in narrating the story. Thank you Kirsten - I have spent many wonderful hours listening to you read.


(4.5 stars)

As often with Trollope, it takes awhile to get going, but it is worth the wait. His characters, especially the bad guys, are drawn to the highest reality. Also, I cannot lavish too great a praise on Kirston Wever. She excels at this type of book. Thank you, Kirsten for your time and effort.

Miss Mac

(5 stars)

Once again LibriVox proves its utility by making a work that is hard to read on the page palatable to the ear. Thank you Ms. Wever for a recording that will make many listeners realise that not all 19th-century novelists were prudes. Trollope is underappreciated partly because of his subject matter that tends to involve the domestic manners of Church of England clergymen (e.g., the Barchester series). And I have to admit to a certain lack of interest in that topic myself. Yet several of his novels have decidedly modern topics -- such as the plight of independent, unmarried women in mid-19th century England (e.g., Miss MacKenzie, Nina Balatka, Rachel Ray). TheBookworm (Mancester, UK)

miss McKenzie

(4 stars)

I’m just getting I to Trollope and have enjoyed a few of his books. This one is slow but does build after a while and Was interested to find out what happened to the heroine. No one in this book is perfect. The lovers all have their faults but in the end she does end up with her perfect match. The Narrater has a very quiet, somewhat hesitant way of speaking - even a little robotic ( I’ve been spoiled by the actors who read for Audible) but hey I’ve even listened to Siri reading to me and Kristen is way better than Siri.

A sweet story

(4 stars)

I loved that Miss Mackenzie, the heroine, was full of goodness, but never completely swallowed her pride as many such ladies in novels seem to. The story plods a bit, but overall, I enjoyed it. The reading was accurate and edited very well. I like that Ms Wever uses a neutral accent for her reading and does not attempt silly accents or voices for the characters. My only critique is that her tone is a bit robotic. This and the slow-moving plot are the reasons why I give it 4 stars.

Fascinating story

(5 stars)

Lively & original. How come it's so little known? Beautifully drawn characters, lots of humour. I often laughed out loud (especially the bazaar chapter) and felt the ups & downs of the hero(s) & heroine(s). The reading is excellent, very well paced, allowing the listener just those 2 or 3 seconds needed to take developments, new situations etc. on board before moving on. (Sometimes it seems like the reader has a train to catch & it spoils it all for me.)

Slow start

(3 stars)

The book takes a long time to get moving. It's a good book to fall asleep to as the reader has a steady and melodious voice. I was expecting another suitor to come on the scene who would be a bit more exciting for poor Miss Mackenzie.

(3 stars)

Thanks to the reader. Excellent narration. The story portrays a spinster supported by her sister's family enduring spiteful condescension by the domineering brother-in-law. As the result of a marriage proposal made in jest she begins a journey of self discovery. Not bad for a rainy afternoon.