The Mystery of the 'Ocean Star' - A Collection of Maritime Sketches

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This is a collection of short stories of mystery and romance, set at sea, in the times of the great sea voyages. (9 hr 58 min)


The Mystery of the "Ocean Star" 37:45 Read by Lala Young
The Extraordinary Adventure of a Chief Mate 41:49 Read by Mike Pelton
Thirst! An Ocean Incident 30:23 Read by Mike Pelton
Pictures at Sea 31:21 Read by Robert Hoffman
Foul of a Waterspout 15:36 Read by Malachi
Hazardous Voyages 19:19 Read by MJ Franck
Forecastle Traits 19:10 Read by Goss45
The Old Sea Dog 19:06 Read by Michael Jones
Marine Punishments 19:06 Read by MJ Franck
Calms and Seas 31:13 Read by CaprishaPage
'Longshoreman's Yarns 43:10 Read by MJ Franck
The British Sailor 17:06 Read by Emily Feuka
Lifeboats and their Crews 16:17 Read by Debmiester
Weevil's Lecture 24:33 Read by pklipp
Old Ships 29:00 Read by Steve C
Seaside Effects 31:50 Read by Daniel Frosh
An Ocean Mystery 12:33 Read by Snapdragon
The Old Naval Sea-Song 43:56 Read by Steve C
An Old Shipwright 17:17 Read by ToddHW
Can These Dry Bones Live? 20:09 Read by Robert Hoffman
'That There Little Tommy' 20:38 Read by Patrick Wallace
A Luminous Sailor 18:36 Read by Garth Burton
Spanish Armada 38:55 Read by Patrick Wallace