The New Swiss Family Robinson

Read by David Wales

(4 stars; 29 reviews)

A parody of its famous predecessor, this short piece was written by Owen Wister for the Harvard Lampoon (Summary by David Wales) (1 hr 28 min)



(4.5 stars)

This has to be the funniest book I have read in a very long time, especially the first half. It was simply hilarious. There's no point listening to this unless you have already read Swiss Family Robinson. I read it a number of times in my childhood, and I tried it again more recently. Somehow in the intervening thirty years I lost my childhood naivety and the book became a farce. I just couldn't finish it. Anyhow, getting back to my point, you really won't appreciate Owen Wister's delightfully parodied version without reading his original inspiration. Wister's book is titled as being written for children of all ages. Personally I think it would be better enjoyed by grown up children. But it is one of those books with layered humour, some for the adults, and some for the kids. This would probably be beyond the capability of younger listeners, due to the vocabulary. But it would be great fun to listen to together. My kids have long since outgrown listening to books with me. But I sure wish I could share this with someone. Many thanks to David Wales for his wonderful reading. His voice was perfect for the task, and I'm sure he added much to my enjoyment. Although managing to read without regular outbursts of laughter is a great achievement. There must have been a lot of editing to reach the final audiobook.

Great parody!

(5 stars)

A nicely done parody for "children of all ages", written in a dry, whimsical style. Listen closely so not to miss any of the more subtle satire. David does a great job reading, He is one of my favorite readers at LibriVox.


(4 stars)

The wife's purse took the place of the well-stocked ship in the original work, thus saving much labor in bringing it ashore. The wrong reader could have ruined this story. Fortunately, David Wales was the correct reader.

very funny

(4 stars)

very funny, you must read the swiss family Robinson first or the humor doesn't work. i think it would make a great move. will read this one again

The New Swiss Family Robinson

(5 stars)

Great read , fun light humorous slightly twisted story with a good wrap up. Recommended:)

(3 stars)

Humorous but not hilarious. I liked the reader.