The Conduct of Life

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 13 reviews)

This is the best of Emerson's later works, qualifying his earlier popular essays, series one and two, with the heavier hand of experience. The Conduct of Life ostensibly is a set of essays about how to live life, but also is an amalgam of what life taught Emerson. (Summary by Daniel Christopher June) (6 hr 7 min)


01 - Essay 1: Fate 50:08 Read by Daniel Christopher June
02 - Essay 2: Power 32:35 Read by Daniel Christopher June
03 - Essay 3: Wealth 45:52 Read by Daniel Christopher June
04 - Essay 4: Culture 38:10 Read by Daniel Christopher June
05 - Essay 5: Behavior 31:53 Read by Daniel Christopher June
06 - Essay 6: Worship 50:02 Read by Daniel Christopher June
07 - Essay 7: Considerations 52:31 Read by Anna Simon
08 - Essay 8: Beauty 39:25 Read by Anna Simon
09 - Essay 9: Illusions 27:02 Read by Anna Simon


(1.5 stars)

What a shame that a great book should be read by such a disinterested and unco.prehending reader. Libre vox needs to screen better. This reader seems only to want to get through the chore of reading as quickly as possible without any attempt to read clearly. Half the words are stumbled over and his voice fades in and out. I can forgive a foreign accent and will try hard to understand but a careless reader like this is only to be avoided. please redo the book!

(1 stars)

I couldn't get past section one because the reader is very difficult to understand. Sounds like he's just rushing through the book. Please redo this recording with a different reader and I'd be thrilled to listen to the entire book