Secret of the Ninth Planet

Read by Richard Kilmer

(4.2 stars; 797 reviews)

An alien race has put a station on Earth and other planets in order to steal the rays of the sun, possible causing the sun to nova within two years. Burl Denning, a high school student, is the only person who has the power to stop the alien project. Can he and the crew of the experimental space ship Magellan act in time to save the earth? (Summary by Richard Kilmer) (5 hr 22 min)


00 - The Mysterious Ninth World 5:00 Read by Richard Kilmer
01 - Special Delivery - by Guided Missile 18:16 Read by Richard Kilmer
02 - The Valley of Stolen Light 17:04 Read by Richard Kilmer
03 - The Secret of A-G 17 15:38 Read by Richard Kilmer
04 - The Hidden Skyport 23:02 Read by Richard Kilmer
05 - Up the Rope of Space 13:28 Read by Richard Kilmer
06 - Sunward Ho! 17:33 Read by Richard Kilmer
07 - Hot Spot on Mercury 18:41 Read by Richard Kilmer
08 - The Veil of Venus 13:47 Read by Richard Kilmer
09 - The Ocean Primeval 13:19 Read by Richard Kilmer
10 - The Dying Planet 15:20 Read by Richard Kilmer
11 - Martians Don't Care 16:47 Read by Richard Kilmer
12 - At Rope's End 17:12 Read by Richard Kilmer
13 - The Pole of Callisto 14:46 Read by Richard Kilmer
14 - Rockets Away! 14:47 Read by Richard Kilmer
15 - Ice Cold Oberon 12:36 Read by Richard Kilmer
16 - In Orbit Around Pluto 13:17 Read by Richard Kilmer
17 - Stronghold of the Lost Planet 23:26 Read by Richard Kilmer
18 - Sacrifice on the Sacred Moon 17:05 Read by Richard Kilmer
19 - The Museum of Galactic Life 21:46 Read by Richard Kilmer



(4 stars)

All around great book to read or listen to, not much way out there fiction in the science side other than anti gravity drive for space travel. Many another author in the SCI-FI genre has gone much further in their abuse of their reader's grip on real Science. Great match of voice and story flow. Good solid plot and great storyline ending, and, No, I'm not giving my fellow listeners any spoiler alerts on this book! This is one book that deserves a full cover to cover read on a long lazy weekend. I'm not placing it into my usual read and forget file as I wish to listen to it again a few times more !!! I'm not giving it 5 stars out of pure selfishness, I am greedy enough to wish it had been way longer or even a trilogy !!!

Secret of the Ninth Planet

(3.5 stars)

Surprising find, held my attention. Reminiscent of a young adult Heinlien novel, as if written by Heinlein as a teenager. Narrator had a smooth uninflected voice, somewhat like a computer, but easy to listen to. I'm thankful to him for enriching my life.

great for falling asleep to

(3 stars)

I really love this author and am a huge science fiction fan, however, I barely made it through 2 chapters before I fell asleep listening to the reader. His voice is a continuous yawning sound...soothing... but he has a speaking pattern that doesn't change no matter how long the sentences are and no indication of when the characters are talking or performing actions.

Excellent sci-fi

(5 stars)

Good old fashioned hiney kicking when a bunch of aliens try to steal the sun's warmth. Neat perspectives on what might exist on each planet as a life form. Excellent reader, he always does a nice job with his recordings. Thank you!

Well worth a listen

(4 stars)

An enjoyable sci-fi romp, slightly dated but none the worse for that. Very well read, an easy to listen to voice, very clear, thank you

excellent bedtime story!

(5 stars)

well read. dated and a bit silly but generally a positive message. reccomend for 8 yrs and even us old farts. :)

awesome narration

(5 stars)

Just so nicely read, calm soothing voice. Must have put it on hundreds of time when going to bed.


(3 stars)

A silly story really, but it kept me entertained. Many thanks to the narrator for his great reading.