The Avenger

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.3 stars; 180 reviews)

Herbert Wrayson, a bachelor returns to his flat one night to find a young lady rifling his desk. He questions her and finds she thought she was in the apartment of his neighbor, Morris Barnes, who lives above him. While he is on the telephone, she quietly slips out of his flat and heads to Barnes’ abode. A few hours later, she is once again at his door – this time looking scared and faint. She asks Wrayson to escort her downstairs as the hallway is unlit. As they emerge, a hansom sits at the doorway with Morris Barnes in it. But, they discover that Barnes has been strangled. Wrayson soon learns that the young lady is the estranged older daughter of a club acquaintance, retired Colonel Fitzmaurice. He also discovers that he has fallen in love with her. The big question however, has he fallen for a murderess? How can he discover the truth? In typical Oppenheim style, this “whodunit” weaves a tangled web and one must wait until the end to discover the surprising truth. (Summary by Tom Weiss) (7 hr 34 min)


Chapters 1 & 2 21:52 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 3 & 4 21:42 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 5 & 6 20:09 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 7 & 8 21:49 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 9 & 10 21:34 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 11 & 12 24:01 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 13 & 14 20:04 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 15 & 16 26:01 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 17 & 18 17:32 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 19 & 20 20:01 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 21 & 22 21:32 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 23 & 24 22:05 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 25 & 26 23:15 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 27 & 28 19:36 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 29 & 30 22:02 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 31 & 32 22:52 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 33 & 34 22:28 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 35 & 36 21:43 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 37 & 38 24:02 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 39 & 40 19:19 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 41 & 42 20:32 Read by Tom Weiss


Awesome mystery

(5 stars)

This is a very great mystery and very well narrated by Tom Weiss I found the ending very good and surprising not what I expected at all. My first time listening to this author ,but will not be the last for sure. I too highly recommend this book. Thanks Tom for your usual great job and selection

(5 stars)

Well read ! Great long story of romance intrigue and a glimpse of society in London and the continent placed sometime in the early part of the 19th century... Again a story with great dialogue and a depth of characters which is a great joy to experience...

Highly recommend.

(5 stars)

This is a great murder mystery. I can always count on Tom Weiss for an excellent narration. He's one of the best and it does make a difference. Enjoy the interesting characters, twists and turns, and the thoughtful ending.

Great Book Excellent Reader

(5 stars)

Another great book read by Tom Weiss, quite arguably the best reader on LibriVox. So good! So real!

(5 stars)

WOW! Now it will be hard to find another book that is just as good.

Classic Oppenheim

(4 stars)

You will not need to hear much of Oppenheim to know whether you love him or hate him. Far fetched melodrama - certainly. Perfectly redolent of the age and society in which it was written, including racial and class content which wouldn't wash nowadays - definitely. However, the man could write a rattling good yarn and in this one a certain minor character is well worth getting to know. I confess that I spotted the killer quite early on but then I've heard quite a few Oppenheim stories and know his style. The fact didn't lessen my enjoyment one iota. I must thank Tom Weiss for his readings of the works of Oppenheim and Le Queux. They are novels from another age but if you want to understand the twentieth century then the attitudes contained within stories like these written early in that century are invaluable.

(4 stars)

Mr. Weiss does it again, he takes an old dust encrusted story and gives it life. One cannot blame the author for giving the readers of that time the entertainment they desired. The populace held those sentiments as much as they breathed the air that has recirculated to our waiting lungs. What common, yet abhorent values do we engender that those one hundred years from now will repudiate?

Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

My first E Phillips Oppenheim book and what a great introduction. Tom Weiss, who I am familiar with from many William le Queux books, does an excellent job narrating this novel. The characters are well developed and the murder mystery takes some nice unexpected turns. Now on to my next EPO novel!