Felix Holt, The Radical

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"Harold Transome is a landowner who goes against his family's political tradition (much to his mother's distress), while Felix Holt is a sincere radical. The setting of the book, the 1832 parliament election, is used to discuss the social problems of that time. A secondary plot involves Esther Lyon, the stepdaughter of a minister who is the real heiress to the Transome estate, with whom both Harold Transome and Felix Holt fall in love. Esther loves poor Felix Holt, but would she choose a comfortable life with Harold Transome?" (Summary by Stav Nisser) (19 hr 8 min)


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The term 'Radical' may not mean a lot out of the historical con

(5 stars)

An excellent book. Full of incredible character development, a complex plot, descriptive writing and valuable lessons for life.

One of George Eliot's best imho

(5 stars)

It was so good i did not listen to the last 4 or 5 chapters. I always feel depressed watching a good movie or reading/listening to a fine book to the end. Anyone else have the same quirk i do? note clip 40 , chapter 39 . near end about how the old are forsaken and every memory she has brings a pang of pain update: i did read the last chapters and im not depressed because i just started another good Librivox/internet archive audio book :) Felix Holt, the Radical is a great book. One of my favorites by Mary Ann Evans(i.e.George Eliot) Excellent collaborative. I've written it before and it is true for me anyway: I prefer female readers. But two males stood out as fine readers. I very much liked the voices and reading styles of acousticwave and Michelle W who sadly have not been able to read more sections. I would love to hear a solo by both. But I am not demanding it, on the contrary. In this day and age of neoliberal devil take the hindmost economies many of you don't have the leisure time and have to earn your living working more hours for less. i am grateful for what reading both of you have been able to perform. Kimberly Krause you are a charming but a very good young serious reader. keep up the good work. and thank you all for donating your precious time to we of low incomes, the poor, the blind, poor readers for various reasons,the sick, the disabled, the lonely.....and even for "high steppers" who i hope donate to Librivox in near future and beyond love conquers material wealth dahszil male american dissident

(4 stars)

Tho' not one of elliot's most dramatic endings, it is a very interesting work for the social and economic issues alone. While not as sweet a story as Silas Marner, nor as sweeping as Romola, it is still a very worthwhile read. (This book is to the rest of Elliot's work as Hard Times is to the body of Dickens' other works.)