In the Seven Woods

Read by Kasper

(4.6 stars; 8 reviews)

In the Seven Woods (1904) is Yeats's first twentieth-century poetry collection. Its fourteen poems show him moving steadily away from the decisively Romantic diction of his earlier work. Here we hear a poetic voice that is at once more individual, colloquial and dramatic than previously. In addition, several poems sound a note of bitter lamentation over the marriage in 1903 of Maud Gonne, Yeats's great love and muse, to John MacBride. (Summary by Kasper Nijsen) (0 hr 18 min)


01 - In the Seven Woods 1:00 Read by Kasper
02 - The Arrow 0:42 Read by Kasper
03 - The Folly of Being Comforted 1:07 Read by Kasper
04 - Old Memory 1:00 Read by Kasper
05 - Never Give All the Heart 0:56 Read by Kasper
06 - The Withering of the Boughs 2:01 Read by Kasper
07 - Adam's Curse 2:22 Read by Kasper
08 - Red Hanrahan's Song about Ireland 1:22 Read by Kasper
09 - The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water 0:45 Read by Kasper
10 - Under the Moon 1:44 Read by Kasper
11 - The Ragged Wood 0:58 Read by Kasper
12 - O Do Not Love Too Long 0:44 Read by Kasper
13 - The Players Ask for a Blessing on the Psalteries and on Themselves 1:26 Read by Kasper
14 - The Happy Townland 2:37 Read by Kasper


basically-satisfying reading of Yeats's poetry

(3 stars)

The reader delivers these fine Yeats poems with accuracy of wording and an acceptability of voice tone. While a reader who can really change up his or her voice with rising and falling pitches and provide a higher level of gusto would be more fitting for the poetry of Yeats, this reader does the job with a more subdued, sometimes-lilting quality of voice -- which is good for what it is, but not terribly ideal here.