Told Under a White Oak Tree

Read by Chuck Williamson

(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

An inside look into the wild world of silent movie cowboy William S. Hart... as narrated by his horse! This is a fascinating (if fictionalized) behind-the-scenes look into the wild, action-packed world of a Hollywood cowboy and stuntman. TOLD UNDER A WHITE OAK TREE is a charming children's book that not only gives us a fanciful account of Hart's career as Hollywood's premier western hero, but also tells a rousing adventure story of his exceptional (if somewhat smart-alecky) equine companion, who strives to become as renowned a screen legend as his master.

Caution: This book contains a couple of racial epithets that may be offensive to some readers. Turns out horses aren't very progressive or PC. (Summary by ChuckW) (0 hr 55 min)


01 - Part One 10:48 Read by Chuck Williamson
02 - Part Two 13:25 Read by Chuck Williamson
03 - Part Three 12:11 Read by Chuck Williamson
04 - Part Four 19:08 Read by Chuck Williamson



(3 stars)

I know very little about silent movies, but after listening to this I feel slightly more informed, even if that information apparently comes from a horse! I guess William Hart must have had a lot of young fans, and I'm sure this book must have appealed to his readers. Kids these days might find it a little dated. But I'm sure those interested in horses or early film history would enjoy it. Many thanks to the narrator. He was great!

I enjoyed this story very much

(5 stars)

A delightful story for many ages, wonderfully read, with humor, adventure and a meaningful moral. Do yourself a favor and listen to this recording as soon as you can. I’m confident it will brighten your day, like it did mine.