The Time Traders, (Version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 908 reviews)

If it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time. At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed. Perhaps Russian scientists had discovered how to transport themselves back in time in order to learn long-forgotten secrets of the past. That was why young Ross Murdock, above average in intelligence but a belligerently independent nonconformist, found himself on a "hush-hush" government project at a secret base in the Arctic. The very qualities that made him a menace in civilized society were valuable traits in a man who must successfully act the part of a merchant trader of the Beaker people during the Bronze Age. For once they were transferred by time machine to the remote Baltic region where the Russian post was located, Ross and his partner Ashe were swept into a fantastic action-filled adventure involving Russians, superstitious prehistoric men, and the aliens of a lost galactic civilization that demanded every ounce of courage the Americans possessed. (Summary by Gutenberg text) (6 hr 54 min)


Chapter 1 24:43 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 23:08 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 22:25 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 25:17 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 5 24:08 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 6 21:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 7 24:14 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 8 22:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 9 21:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 21:46 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 11 22:06 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 12 23:16 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 13 21:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 14 23:07 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 15 22:12 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 16 22:41 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 17 23:59 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 18 24:17 Read by Mark Nelson


Quite an adventure

(5 stars)

This time travel story contained some surprising characters. Thanks Mark for making this enjoyable!

very well read

(4 stars)

Excellent reading of a good book. As with most Norton books I've heard, they are good sci if but she always ends them at the plot convenience store and way to fast after a long build up

fantastic story very well read as usual thanks may listen again

(5 stars)

An interesting read. Small plot hole

(4 stars)

I was a bit confused by title. I thought it was the forerunner of the idea for that lame movie "In Time." However, I was surprised to hear it meant "Trader, " as in seller of goods not "Time" itself. The only problem I found was where'd the get the temporal equipment if the Russians were playing it as close to the vest as they made out.

Traveling Traders

(5 stars)

Excellent sci-fi story. The author gave facts based upon known & believed science. Especially keen was their reason for going to past history rather then future travel. This being the best possible outcome of a previous advanced race. Their greatest discoveries would be plastic, metals & chips not lasting long after their demise. Whilst previous races built great stone monolithic buildings, roadways, aqueducts etc lasting for thousands of centuries. Enjoy....

Great classic sci-fi

(5 stars)

I listened to this a couple of years ago and had forgotten just how good and well written it was, so I decided to do something I normally don't and listen to the series a second time, and of course Mark Nelson is always a pleasure to listen to.

awesome book

(5 stars)

it all seems like real life with exception of aliens and time travel but it steal seems possible to do the things they write about I some odd way like I wouldn't be surprised if something like this could lol but I'm hardly surprised about anything anymore

(4 stars)

a wonderfully narrated series, very well read. it's a great look into where science fiction comes from. I haven't read the version updated by Norton in the year 2000, but the classic book is also a good read for cold winter nights like these.