The Red Dust

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.3 stars; 177 reviews)

You who have read "The Mad Planet" by Murray Leinster, will welcome the sequel to that story. The world, in a far distant future, is peopled with huge insects and titanic fungus growths. Life has been greatly altered, and tiny Man is now in the process of becoming acclimated to the change. We again meet our hero Burl, but this time a far greater danger menaces the human race. The huge insects are still in evidence, but the terror they inspire is as nothing compared to the deadly Red Dust. You will follow this remarkable story with breathless interest. "Burl raised his spear, and plunged down on the back of the moving thing, thrusting his spear with all the force he could command. He had fallen upon the shining back of one of the huge, meat-eating beetles, and his spear had slid across the horny armor and then stuck fast, having pierced only the leathery tissue between the insect's head and thorax." (Summary from the magazine blurb) (2 hr 45 min)


1 - Prey 34:10 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - The Journey 35:10 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - The Sexton-Beetles 32:16 Read by Phil Chenevert
4 - The Forest of Death 35:19 Read by Phil Chenevert
5 - Out of Bondage 28:46 Read by Phil Chenevert


Nothing new

(3 stars)

Basically a retelling of a section barrowed from the Forgotten Planet, which was an excellent story.

interesting from the beginning. unique reading voice well read.

(5 stars)

A sequel as good as it's predecessor

(5 stars)

Good story

(5 stars)

well read by phil

(5 stars)

awesome setting for a journey novel.


(2.5 stars)

To me it was like going to Disneyland falling down the rabbit hole with Alice and landing in the Twilight Zone.. Live these older tales and as always Phil is the best.

The Red Dust

(5 stars)

Well read. Intense continuation to the first book... Detailed and at times gruesome in the descriptive writings of the world .... Epic style of trilogy... Thanks!

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(5 stars)