Murder at St. Dennis

Read by Maria Therese

(4.2 stars; 70 reviews)

A cunning killer prowls the winding corridors of an old hospital in this thriller by the author of "Murder Takes the Veil". (From original jacket) (6 hr 20 min)


01 - One 24:45 Read by Maria Therese
02 - Two 22:40 Read by Maria Therese
03 - Three 20:24 Read by Maria Therese
04 - Four 21:41 Read by Maria Therese
05 - Five 8:59 Read by Maria Therese
06 - Six 21:03 Read by Maria Therese
07 - Seven 21:51 Read by Maria Therese
08 - Eight 37:05 Read by Maria Therese
09 - Nine 25:25 Read by Maria Therese
10 - Ten 51:29 Read by Maria Therese
11 - Eleven 44:25 Read by Maria Therese
12 - Twelve 32:10 Read by Maria Therese
13 - Thirteen 32:31 Read by Maria Therese
14 - Fourteen 16:05 Read by Maria Therese


Love this reader

(5 stars)

I really like this reader, yet I see from the reviews that their reading works for some listeners but not at all for others. If it's just that a reader is just a little too fast for your comfort, you can actually slow them down (or speed them up) when listening in the Librivox app which is really handy. That said, I find this reader just right for me (but I am a native English speaker, though Irish so I don't share the reader's accent). I really enjoy their pace, fluidity and intonation. Evidently, it's quite subjective though, so you'll have to listen to know whether or not it works for you Enjoyed the book, though I agree with others the fact of several characters having multiple names can be confusing and necessitates conscious listening rather than passive. Preferred this author's "Sister Simon" novel slightly (same reader).

Loved it!

(5 stars)

Kept me guessing until the end! I liked it even more than the first one I listened to by this author and I was pleased that it was read by the same great reader. Highly recommend for those who like mysteries.

very enjoyable

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story and I enjoyed listening to the reader, very well read! It made my trips to work , sitting in traffic, better . Thank you for your reading. Bruce G

(3.5 stars)

Like the series, good plots, nicely drawn characters. Well narrated. Recommend for those who like Christian mysteries and others.

Long story

(2 stars)

this mystery was wordy. the narrator had a strange cadence. not my cup of tea.


(5 stars)

Started slowly, but the last few chapters were spellbinding.

(3.5 stars)

The reader was really great and the book is good

Reader doesn't enunciatethe words

(3 stars)

story is interesting. "murderer" (sounds like an engine starting up) has so many names, I couldn't tell who it was in the end. 2017