Annie Besant

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In her autobiography, Annie Besant poignantly writes of her search for the truth of what she believed in, leaving Christianity behind to embrace Atheism, and ultimately finding her peace in Theosophy, which she became interested in after meeting Helena Blavatsky. She moved to India to better study Theosophical ideas and this is where she made her home until her death. She was a gifted orator and writer, often speaking and writing on her religious beliefs, as well as women's rights and social reform. Along with Charles Bradlaugh, she published a paper in support of birth control. It proved to be so controversial for the times that it led to a court trial.

Annie Besant was a remarkable woman, suffering much for her beliefs but steadfastly continuing on in her pursuit in spite of it. [summary by Laura Victoria] (9 hr 19 min)


01 - "OUT OF THE EVERYWHERE INTO THE HERE" 29:24 Read by timothyFR
02 - EARLY CHILDHOOD 26:49 Read by timothyFR
03 - GIRLHOOD 23:50 Read by timothyFR
04 - MARRIAGE part 1 35:36 Read by timothyFR
05 - MARRIAGE part 2 24:45 Read by timothyFR
06 - THE STORM OF DOUBT part 1 28:26 Read by timothyFR
07 - THE STORM OF DOUBT part 2 20:24 Read by timothyFR
08 - CHARLES BRADLAUGH 15:51 Read by timothyFR
09 - ATHEISM AS I KNEW AND TAUGHT IT part 1 23:02 Read by timothyFR
10 - ATHEISM AS I KNEW AND TAUGHT IT part 2 37:23 Read by timothyFR
11 - AT WORK part 1 26:49 Read by timothyFR
12 - AT WORK part 2 15:40 Read by timothyFR
13 - THE KNOWLTON PAMPHLET part 1 30:27 Read by timothyFR
14 - THE KNOWLTON PAMPHLET part 2 32:07 Read by timothyFR
15 - AT WAR ALL ROUND 10:58 Read by timothyFR
16 - MR. BRADLAUGH'S STRUGGLE 36:35 Read by timothyFR
17 - STILL FIGHTING 34:34 Read by timothyFR
18 - SOCIALISM part 1 26:29 Read by timothyFR
19 - SOCIALISM part 2 21:32 Read by timothyFR
20 - THROUGH STORM TO PEACE part 1 28:57 Read by timothyFR
21 - THROUGH STORM TO PEACE part 2 29:47 Read by timothyFR


(5 stars)

thank you so much. beautifully read !


(5 stars)

so brilliant in her prose and a master of storytelling, a most humble account of her own life. She puts the reader in the seat of her power and evokes the fierce comparison of philanthropy, feminism and transcendental science. so we'll read and educated that every reader is to be well informed many times over.

Beautifully read

(5 stars)

Highly recommended. A wonderful memoir of a life lived with great conscience and insight.

(5 stars)

excellent book opens the mind to a higher Reality

the events concur with today

(5 stars)

people laid off because of corona and the ultimate goal of 1 hour or less a week of labor, im sure the movement continues in its stride and soon these scenes and attitudes will surface again as a mirror

cool story if you are RAYCST

(5 stars)

Author is Irish. Irish has become synonymous with white. Whites are the root of colonialism, oppression, and genocide. Author needs to change her/his/its ethnicity to that of an oppressed LatinX American. Then the story can be rewritten to include the voices that were previously disregarded due to her whiteness.