Short Science Fiction Collection 048

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 78 reviews)

Science Fiction is speculative literature that generally explores the consequences of ideas which are roughly consistent with nature and scientific method, but are not facts of the author’s contemporary world. The stories often represent philosophical thought experiments presented in entertaining ways. Protagonists typically "think" rather than "shoot" their way out of problems, but the definition is flexible because there are no limits on an author's imagination. The reader-selected stories presented here were written prior to 1962 and became US public domain texts when their copyrights expired. (Summary by Gregg Margarite) (9 hr 57 min)


All Cats are Gray 17:21 Read by Lynne T
The Anglers of Arz 22:09 Read by Mark Nelson
The Asses of Balaam 57:52 Read by Mark Nelson
Cat and Mouse 59:41 Read by Tom Weiss
Do Unto Others 56:08 Read by Andy Sames
Egocentric Orbit 6:08 Read by Elanor Sakamoto
Hall of Mirrors 17:57 Read by Bellona Times
Hall of Mirrors 21:15 Read by John Costello
In the Abyss 36:09 Read by James Christopher
Keep Out 8:08 Read by Elanor Sakamoto
The Last Supper 3:34 Read by Gman
Lighter Than You Think 27:48 Read by Lynne T
Lost in Translation 28:25 Read by Tom Weiss
Of Time and Texas 4:26 Read by Justin Daniels
Operation Earthworm 35:31 Read by Mark Nelson
Question of Comfort 54:09 Read by Bellona Times
The Land Ironclads 53:04 Read by Andy Sames
The Unwilling Professor 19:00 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
Think Yourself to Death 49:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Vital Ingredient 19:03 Read by W.M. Hinsch


In the abyss, The last supper, earthworm

(5 stars)

I've read these so far and they are A++ all the way. Fave pa rt of earthworm; the neofuhrer hitler gets it with insecticide, ' ach du lebensraum!' Librivox populi

great listening

(5 stars)

including the late Greg Margarite makes this collection all the better. The long length makes for great night listening. good stories. one is repeated by two readers but oh well.

one of the best

(4.5 stars)

this has been one of the best compilations yet. the stories being read for the first time are fun, and some of the stories being re-read click with me better than the original recordings from ~35 volumes ago. gotta take half a star off for putting two recordings of the same story right next to each other though. could have planned that out a little better there. I've just kind of accepted that there's going to be a lot of repeats at this point, but that was a bridge too far.

Some fine stories and some others :)

(4 stars)

Mostly good stories, I didn’t enjoy The Reluctant Professor at all though, ended up skipping it. Mark Nelson is an absolute delight and I enjoy the Johnny Mayhem stories lots too but in this one his “Indian” accents sound more like Scottish !