Short Poetry Collection 117

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a collection of 21 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for February 2013. (0 hr 37 min)


A Prayer 1:19 Read by Etel Buss
Be Drunken 1:32 Read by Winston Tharp
Brothers 4:54 Read by Bellona Times
The Contrast 1:25 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Cynic 1:10 Read by Heidi Paek
Do You Ever Feel Like God? 1:29 Read by Tom Merritt
Do You Fear the Wind? 0:45 Read by fshort
God's Grandeur 1:08 Read by Mudlark
Haunted 2:32 Read by Tom Merritt
In the Park 1:11 Read by Heidi Paek
The Isle of Lost Dreams 1:08 Read by CaprishaPage
The Lost Path 2:52 Read by Leonard Wilson
My Life is Like the Summer Rose 1:12 Read by William A Crenshaw
Nevertheless 1:55 Read by Leonard Wilson
Protest 1:43 Read by Winston Tharp
Service 1:27 Read by Heidi Paek
Sestina of the Tramp Royal 2:22 Read by Winston Tharp
Solitude and the Lily 1:58 Read by CaprishaPage
The Fool 2:02 Read by William A Crenshaw
Tom Merritt 1:02 Read by Tom Merritt
Where's the Poker? 2:11 Read by Garth Burton