At the Foot of the Rainbow

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.9 stars; 67 reviews)

This story is about three people, two men and a woman. Jimmy, selfish and deceitful, who has shamelessly lied to, cheated, and used his dear friend Dannie for years. His wife Mary, who loves another. And finally Dannie himself, the patient, kind, loving and thoughtful friend of both Jimmie and Mary. He would do anything for them, but what will he do when he find out Jimmy's terrible secret?

This wonderful book is full of feeling, love, sadness, and friendship. It will will make you smile, cry, and, at times, laugh. Don't miss this delightful story. Summary by fiddlesticks. (4 hr 34 min)


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Reluctantly Reviewed

(0 stars)

I usually do not bother to comment on recordings that I find disappointing. To the readers of this book, please understand that I sincerely appreciate the hard work of all volunteers. However, I must express my frustration on one issue. When multiple readers undertake a project I really wish you would not attempt accents. When several readers interpret accents, each in their own way, it really becomes difficult to follow the characters. My annoyance increased with this book because all the readers seemed to be fairly good. The overall listening experience would have been greatly enhanced if the readers had simply read normally. While I enjoy this author's books, I finally gave up in frustration.

A not so simple love story

(4 stars)

Had to read as part of a class. Late 19th century wording of the deep south difficult to follow. Better to hear and read to fully understand

(2.5 stars)

I had read this book, but have not listened to it... So I don't know what kind of readers these are... 🙃But the book itself is awesome!!

Ok story

(2 stars)

The reading was horrible. They tried different accents which ruined a decent book.

(3 stars)

Ok book. Some of the readers are a little hard to understand & one of them is too choppy.

foreign readers are hard to follow

(4 stars)

at the foot of the rainbow

(5 stars)

great book. I loved interludes of forest lore and medical plants.

excellent book and well-read

(5 stars)

Excellent book and well-read!