Quintus Oakes: A Detective Story

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(4.2 stars; 43 reviews)

There have been a series of assaults at the manor house, one sending the mistress of the house insane with fear, another escalating to murder. There are reports of a tread on the stairs and shady figures disappearing from view. The servants blame the supernatural, but Quintus Oakes gets to the bottom of the mystery. (Summary by Lynne Thompson) (6 hr 6 min)


01 The Rescue 14:39 Read by Lynne T
02 Quintus Oakes At Home 12:45 Read by Lynne T
03 Oakes’s Experience 10:04 Read by Patrick Wells
04 The Departure 9:00 Read by Patrick Wells
05 The Letter 6:09 Read by Patrick Wells
06 The Murder 13:58 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
07 The Inquest 28:06 Read by Gabriela Cowan
08 The Mansion 11:41 Read by Patrick Wells
09 Distrust And Suspicion 9:01 Read by Patrick Wells
10 The Cellar 18:45 Read by Arnie Horton
11 The Night Walk 22:15 Read by Kimberly Krause
12 The Witness 7:23 Read by Lynne T
13 The Plan Of Campaign 13:20 Read by Flash
14 Clues 17:21 Read by Gabriela Cowan
15 The Ruse 28:37 Read by Gabriela Cowan
16 The Negro’s Story 20:19 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
17 Checkmated 13:59 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
18 Misadventures 21:16 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
19 A Faulty Story 13:57 Read by Lynne T
20 A Man’s Confession 20:03 Read by Gertrude Durette
21 The Attack 10:17 Read by ToddHW
22 The Insane Root 9:50 Read by Lynne T
23 The Test 12:18 Read by Lynne T
24 Across The Bridge 14:05 Read by Lynne T
25 The Man Of The Hour 7:13 Read by ToddHW


(3.5 stars)

While I enjoyed the story there wasn't a full resolution because of the murderer's state. While this is understandable I'm left with an unfinished feeling. I'm still glad that I listened. Almost all of the readers were wonderful. Active listening is required when Gabby reads (meaning you should be in a silent area with all of your focus on what she's saying). When listening to people without accents who also read well you can listen more passively (while driving, while working out, etc.) & you'll still understand it all.

(5 stars)

I thought this was a wonderful mystery. All the readers did a fine job . I may have a listen again!!

Good mystery

(3.5 stars)

A good mystery with alot of action, and twists and turns.

acceptable but not five-star

(3.5 stars)

The story is too contrived: handsome, wealthy, strong, heroic, brilliant, perfectly attired private detective and his sidekicks tackle mysterious foe. Most of the readers were very good, with only one reader with a foreign accent that made understanding a little difficult, but she was better than some of the non-native English readers on LibriVox.

Enjoyed this mystery novel

(4 stars)

The detective Oakes and his assistant encounter murder in a quiet town. Oakes employs some interesting tactics to catch the criminal. I thought this was a mostly good story, if a bit predictable and far-fetched in spots. Readers were good.

Kinda different detective story

(4 stars)

Thanks to all the various readers for an entertaining read! Oakes is a little bit of a Sherlock Holmes in his approach. There is no feminine influence in the story; just grown up boys having adventures ....

The Detective as Master of All Trades

(3 stars)

A bit too much hero worship for my tastes. Oakes is just too perfect. Nicely read though. Also the typical racial stereotypes of the times are hard to listen to today.

(2.5 stars)

If you can overlook “the boy” “ the negro” and worse, it was okay. But that is nothing new, in books of this era.