Slovenly Betsy

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Hienrich Hoffmann was a German psychiatrist and doctor. He had written poetry and sketches for his son, and was persuaded to have a collection of these printed.
The stories were not perceived as cruel or overly moral by Hoffmann's contemporaries.
This American version contains a few of the stories from the original German "Struwwelpeter" publication. (Summary by David Lawrence) (0 hr 25 min)


01 - Slovenly Betsy 2:10 Read by fshort
02 - Phoebe Ann, The Pround Girl 1:52 Read by MikeV
03 - The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches 3:53 Read by Monika M. C.
04 - What happped to Lazy Charlotte 1:41 Read by Jeana Wei
05 - The Cry Baby 1:53 Read by David Richardson
06 - The Story of Romping Polly 2:13 Read by Jason Mills
07 - The Story of a Dirty Child 2:26 Read by Joe Kay
08 - Envious Minnie 4:07 Read by CarolAnnR
09 - The Little Glutton 2:06 Read by Tammy Stalcup
10 - Sophie Spoilall 2:47 Read by David Lawrence



(5 stars)

Cleanliness is next to the creation of a right wing religious, intolerant, ethno-state. We need to be fighting religious intolerance by encouraging our kids to be dirty. Only by living in filth can we fight intolerance. Hitler took 5 baths a day. Don't be like Hitler

slovenly Betsy.

(5 stars)

Funny, very funny. Well read.