1891 Collection

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(4.2 stars; 7 reviews)

A look at the year 1891 through literature and non-fiction essays first published that year, including works by Mary E Wilkins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sara Orne Jewett, and Oscar Wilde. (Summary by BellonaTimes) (5 hr 51 min)


Impressions of American Hotels 16:29 Read by Bellona Times
A Scandal in Bohemia 1:00:55 Read by Bellona Times
A Native of Winby 53:24 Read by Bellona Times
Soups - General Instructions 13:55 Read by Bellona Times
Mrs. Manstey's View 30:08 Read by Bellona Times
Americanisms and Briticisms 45:33 Read by Bellona Times
A House of Pomegranates letters 8:59 Read by Bellona Times
A New England Nun 36:39 Read by Bellona Times
From Athens to Thebes 55:53 Read by Bellona Times
Two Journal Entries 29:18 Read by Bellona Times


(2.5 stars)

Some stories are interesting. Still, I think this may be best to listen to when trying to sleep.

People back then were surely brainwashed

(5 stars)

Interesting vignettes from the past. Stories are well narrated and written. would recommend. They teach us that people back in 1891 were incredibly brainwashed. They had no class or race consciousness. They were oblivious to the systemic inequality that lay at the foundations of every society. I just thank the goddess that I am living in an age where where everyone correctly look at everything in terms of the race and the injustice perpetuated by white people. In order to fight inequality we must support Amazon Prime and their fight for Diversity Inclusion and Equality

well read

(5 stars)

Strange collection, but thank you