In Tune with the Infinite

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Trine tells us that by connecting and harmonizing with the Universe we attract love, health, peace and success. Trines' writings may have been the most important to the "New Thought" movement of the late 1800's and early 1900's which was the forerunner to the "New Age" movement. (Summary by kirk202) (4 hr 46 min)


Preface 3:14 Read by KirksVoice
Prelude 2:25 Read by KirksVoice
The Supreme Fact of the Universe 6:52 Read by KirksVoice
The Supreme Fact of Human Life 35:56 Read by KirksVoice
Fullness of Life 1:01:26 Read by KirksVoice
The Secret Power & Effects of Love 22:41 Read by KirksVoice
Wisdom & Interior Illumination 39:44 Read by KirksVoice
The Realization of Perfect Peace 20:54 Read by KirksVoice
Coming Into Fullness of Power 32:41 Read by KirksVoice
Plenty of All Things - Law of Prosperity 23:04 Read by KirksVoice
How Men Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages & Saviours 11:22 Read by KirksVoice
The Basic Principle of All Religions - The Universal Religion 11:19 Read by KirksVoice
Entering Now Into the Realization of the Highest Riches 14:45 Read by KirksVoice


another excellent spiritual book

(4 stars)

Kirks voice does an excellent job of recording the spiritual texts. His voice is easy to hear and he chooses very interesting books to read I appreciate it very much thank you.

Beautiful channel

(5 stars)

I loved the narrator; and the text is almost impossible to overestimate. This book is a reminder of who you really are.

(5 stars)

after a very long time I found a book worth living. this is a very good book. I love this book

great positive advice

(5 stars)

a really positive read of common sense advice, most of which has not dated at all.


(5 stars)

I will listen to this again and again. This is a Divinely inspired book.

In Tune With The Infinite

(5 stars)

Brilliant Reader And Book. Listen, Apply & Be Happy

not so baf

(4 stars)

The book was great but the reading not so much

Thanks for the readings

(5 stars)

Great contents and pleasant readings.