The French Revolution Volume 1 the Bastille

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The French Revolution: A History was written by the Scottish essayist, philosopher, and historian Thomas Carlyle. The three-volume work, first published in 1837 (with a revised edition in print by 1857), charts the course of the French Revolution from 1789 to the height of the Reign of Terror (1793–94) and culminates in 1795. A massive undertaking which draws together a wide variety of sources, Carlyle's history—despite the unusual style in which it is written—is considered to be an authoritative account of the early course of the Revolution.
Volume 1 is titled 'The Bastille' (11 hr 11 min)


1.1.I Louis the Well-Beloved 10:38 Read by shawnzhu
1.1.II. Realised Ideals. 20:28 Read by Stephen Marsh
1.1.III. Viaticum. 8:07 Read by Alan Weyman
1.1.IV. Louis the Unforgotten. 18:50 Read by Elliot Gage
1.2.I. Astraea Redux. 14:23 Read by Greg Golding
1.2.II. Petition in Hieroglyphs. 7:23 Read by Alan Weyman
1.2.III. Questionable. 8:48 Read by Greg Golding
1.2.IV. Maurepas. 8:53 Read by Greg Golding
1.2.V. Astraea Redux without Cash. 8:44 Read by Greg Golding
1.2.VI. Windbags. 9:46 Read by Greg Golding
1.2.VII. Contrat Social.. 6:18 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
12 - 1.2.VIII. Printed Paper. 11:52 Read by Greg Golding
13 - 1.3.I. Dishonoured Bills. 11:56 Read by engineerdst
14 - 1.3.II. Controller Calonne. 7:29 Read by Greg Golding
15 - 1.3.III. The Notables. . 19:29 Read by Stephen Marsh
16 - 1.3.IV. Lomenie's Edicts. 15:52 Read by Lucretia B.
17 - 1.3.V. Lomenie's Thunderbolts. 12:19 Read by Lynne T
18 - 1.3.VI. Lomenie's Plots. 12:08 Read by Lynne T
19 - 1.3.VII. Internecine. 14:22 Read by Lynne T
20 - 1.3.VIII. Lomenie's Death-throes. 21:35 Read by Stephen Marsh
1.3.IX. Burial with Bonfire. 9:19 Read by Philippa
1.4.I. The Notables Again. 11:21 Read by Stephen Marsh
1.4.II. The Election. 15:22 Read by Khaghbboommm
1.4.III. Grown Electric. 10:27 Read by Alan Weyman
1.4.IV.The Procession. part1 21:46 Read by Khaghbboommm
1.4.IV.The Procession. part2. 22:22 Read by Khaghbboommm
1.5.I. Inertia. 19:40 Read by Olga Byelova
1.5.II. Mercury de Breze. 16:15 Read by jparedes2016
1.5.III. Broglie the War-God. 12:02 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
1.5.IV. To Arms! 11:57 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
1.5.V. Give us Arms. 17:55 Read by Jeff Allen
1.5.VI. Storm and Victory. 24:17 Read by Jeff Allen
1.5.VII. Not a Revolt. 10:21 Read by Am77
1.5.VIII. Conquering your King. 9:45 Read by Jeff Allen
1.5.IX. The Lanterne. 15:41 Read by Anna Simon
1.6.I. Make the Constitution. 16:21 Read by Jeffrey Church
1.6.II. The Constituent Assembly. 14:42 Read by Jeffrey Church
1.6.III. The General Overturn. 23:11 Read by Jeffrey Church
1.6.IV. In Queue. 7:42 Read by Alan Weyman
1.6.V. The Fourth Estate. 9:20 Read by Alan Weyman
1.7.I. Patrollotism. 10:31 Read by Elizabeth Buchanan
1.7.II. O Richard, O my King. 11:55 Read by Elizabeth Buchanan
1.7.III. Black Cockades. 4:07 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
1.7.IV. The Menads. 9:33 Read by J. McDougall
1.7.V. Usher Maillard. 15:13 Read by Jeff Allen
1.7 VI To Versailles 10:11 Read by Am77
1.7.VII. At Versailles. 9:12 Read by Elizabeth Buchanan
1.7.VIII. The Equal Diet. 11:54 Read by Elizabeth Buchanan
1.7.IX. Lafayette. 9:22 Read by J. McDougall
1.7.X. The Grand Entries. 13:34 Read by Jeff Allen
1.7.XI. From Versailles. 16:55 Read by Anna Simon


(4.5 stars)

good book glad someone read it, some chapters reading are a bit rough though if you want it to male sense you should read a normal history first

Terrible reader

(0.5 stars)

The reading is jerky, pausing at inappropriate points. Sometimes he mumbles and the intonation is inappropriate. This is the most painful audio book I've ever listened to and I switched off after a few minutes.