Buried Alive

Read by Simon Evers

(4.7 stars; 137 reviews)

The hero is Mr Priam Farll, a painter of considerable ability. He is, however, extremely shy – so shy that when his valet, Henry Leek, dies suddenly, the doctor believes the dead man to be Priam Farll and the live man the valet. The artist does not try to disabuse him. After the funeral (in Westminster Abbey), Priam Farll marries a widow and lives a happy life until the loss of his wife’s money means he has to take up painting again. A connoisseur of art recognises his style but thinks the paintings are by an imposter. He makes a fortune by buying his works through a small dealer and selling them in America as genuine. Meanwhile Priam Farll refuses through his obstinate shyness to prove his own identity. (Summary by Simon Evers) (5 hr 53 min)


Chapter 1 31:19 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 2 29:43 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 3 31:09 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 4 28:10 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 5 28:35 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 6 32:33 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 7 23:34 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 8 27:50 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 9 31:26 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 10 28:54 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 11 31:06 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 12 29:28 Read by Simon Evers



(4.5 stars)

Although it starts a bit slow this is an entertaining and unique tale. Bennett takes the opportunity to comment sarcastically on the greed of lawyers and the plodding of the English sysrem of law, but his comments are as softly entertaining as they are true. One has to adore Adore the imperturbable Alice. Last but not least, kudos to Simon Evers for his peerless interpretation of the tale.

Well written and read

(4 stars)

I most liked the contrasts between the rich and artistic with the lower middle class persons who just see life more simply and basically.


(5 stars)

Clever and entertaining. Great reader.


(5 stars)

It was through Librivox that I first encountered Arnold Bennett who is such a delightful tale weaver. This book has been a complete pleasure to devour. The description of the transition from his "high life" to the euphoric freedom he experienced when first with Alice was special and I felt that so personally. A grand read by a grand reader.

Loved It!

(5 stars)

Engaging, charming and very enjoyable! A unique tale about a painfully shy and talented artist who chooses to let his deceased butler be mis-identified as himself. The ensuing consequences are perhaps not what he expected.

(5 stars)

Great story and brilliant reading...loved every minute of it...the story takes twists and turns..didnt want it to end

Nice book

(4 stars)

A nice little story brought alive by excellent narration, thank you.

loved it

(5 stars)

wonderful reader, great story. could not stop listening.