Jataka Tales

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 18 reviews)

Jataka Tales form a part of the collective Indian Fairy tales with the only distinction that most of Jataka Tales have a moral. These are famous children stories and some of the stories like the "the turtle who couldn't stop talking" and "the King's White Elephant" are so famous that they are enacted as short plays in schools and are cited as an example in daily conversations. All the stories in this collective work have a moral, most likely being narrated by an animal.(Summary by sidhu177) (1 hr 21 min)


00 - PUBLISHER’S NOTE 3:02 Read by Lucas Boulding
01 - THE MONKEY AND THE CROCODILE 4:34 Read by Elizabeth Ramsey
02 - HOW THE TURTLE SAVED HIS OWN LIFE 2:48 Read by rookieblue
03 - THE MERCHANT OF SERI 5:44 Read by Etel Buss
05 - THE OX WHO WON THE FORFEIT 3:31 Read by Dawn
06 - THE SANDY ROAD 6:50 Read by Susan Morin
07 - THE QUARREL OF THE QUAILS 3:19 Read by Lucas Boulding
08 - THE MEASURE OF RICE 3:50 Read by Lucas Boulding
09 - THE FOOLISH, TIMID RABBIT 3:35 Read by Lucas Boulding
10 - THE WISE AND THE FOOLISH MERCHANT 7:37 Read by Kathrine Engan
11 - THE ELEPHANT GIRLY-FACE 3:07 Read by Kathrine Engan
12 - THE BANYAN DEER 3:35 Read by Linda Dougherty
13 - THE PRINCES AND THE WATER-SPRITE 6:55 Read by Susan Morin
14 - THE KING'S WHITE ELEPHANT 2:37 Read by KathleenLarberg
15 - THE OX WHO ENVIED THE PIG 1:41 Read by KathleenLarberg
16 - GRANNY'S BLACKIE 5:39 Read by Susan Morin
17 - THE CRAB AND THE CRANE 7:26 Read by Susan Morin
18 - WHY THE OWL IS NOT KING OF THE BIRDS 3:36 Read by Susan Morin


not bad

(3 stars)

a collection of somewhat slightly surreal morality tales for children. readers from very good to quite honestly ridiculous.

(5 stars)

The kids enjoy these unique historical moral tales and the kind volunteers who read them.