The Enchanted April

Read by Diana Kiesners

(4.7 stars; 74 reviews)

It’s a dreary February in post-World War I London when Mrs. Wilkins spots an advertisement in The Times for a small Italian castle for rent in April. She sees another member of her women’s club, Mrs. Arbuthnot, reading the same advertisement and manages to convince her that the two of them should rent it. Both are miserable and lonely in their marriages. They can’t afford the cost of the villa, San Salvatore, on their own and must advertise for two others, eventually recruiting an elderly widow named Mrs. Fisher, and Lady Caroline Dester, a beautiful young socialite desperate to escape from London and society. The four journey to Italy where San Salvatore works its magic separately on each of them, changing their lives in unexpected ways. (Summary by Diana Kiesners) (10 hr 2 min)


Chapter 01 37:02 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 02 19:26 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 03 28:18 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 04 15:40 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 05 24:41 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 06 32:45 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 07 20:30 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 08 36:42 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 09 26:30 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 10 23:18 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 11 21:52 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 12 34:10 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 13 40:58 Read by Diana Kiesners
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Chapter 16 31:56 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 17 23:45 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 18 25:30 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 19 30:04 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 20 15:58 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 21 25:03 Read by Diana Kiesners
Chapter 22 31:55 Read by Diana Kiesners


Such a wonderful story.

(5 stars)

The story starts out as a soft entrance to to life. Everyone having their own problems, the world passing them by without notice. Until an advertisement catches one persons attention and then another’s. Two women with similar problems. One knows not the other, but the advertisement is something they both have in common and draws them together. I’m not sure how I would have acted towards the elder lady ( who being rich, thought herself above the others), nor the younger rich young woman ( who also thought because she was rich, could treat others as bothersome). But they each had loneliness in common. And they all just wanted to get away for one month. Where none of life’s trouble could enter. This story also shows how a giving spirit can change someone’s life just by giving of yourself and not feeling wronged when they don’t respond as quickly back to you as you hoped. Everyone has trouble in their life. Therefore we must learn to treat each other as we would like to be treated. With friendship, and understanding.


(4 stars)

I love the film, and I love the area where it was filmed (above Portofino), and now I love Diana Kiesners' reading of the book. All of the magic and humor and quiet and confusion is well conveyed. The characters come to life, and I find they can coexist quite nicely with those in the film. Many thanks to Ms. Kiesners and of course to Ms. von Arnim!


(5 stars)

I thought the reading was a bit slow at first but do not be fooled like I had been! Her reading takes momentum as she pleasantly goes on and, as soon as listening to the second chapter, you'll be thinking that actually, there is no better suited reader for this novel. In fact the enchantment of the story and her lovely voice match perfectly well! It was a bit difficult to understand her saying words like "pericoloso", "Mezzago" and "Giuseppe", but all the same she said "Francesca" in the most adorable of manners. Don't miss it, this recording is one of a kind.

Thank you !

(5 stars)

I was introduced to the book, through seeing the movie by way of an old videocassette at a 2nd had store. What a delightful find !! Of course, I wanted to look up the book... So I read it and loved it. Such perception of character, and lovely description quality. Sometimes, it's also helpful to be able to simply listen. Thank you so very much to all the volunteers who help at Librivox ~~ Well done (:

(4.5 stars)

This is such a beautiful story. It teaches us all a lesson about our petit dislikes, judging people wrongly and being stuck in a rut .It opens your mind to the most precious thing in life which is simply love. I wish that I could go on a holiday like that. what a soothing and beautiful voice that the reader has, thank you. Jackie of Ashford in Kent UK.

(5 stars)

a lovely book, like all the v Arnim books I have read or heard so far. and the reader: Diana Kiesner is simply marvellous. It is like eating delicious icecream on a hot summer day- I simply couldn't get enough. Please read more dear Diana. And thank you so much for this precious gift.

(4 stars)

I found this story a little slow at the beginning but by the third chapter I was totally hooked in. It's written in the style of the time- soft, elegant, but not too sappy. The reader was clear and brought out the characters very well. I'd recommend it.

Beautiful reading of a sentimental classic

(5 stars)

A beautiful reading of this wonderful story of the blossoming of four women who leave rainy London to spend a month in an Italian castle. I can't recommend it too highly. A big thank you to Diana K. (TheBookworm, Manchester, UK)