Eudemian Ethics

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

(4.1 stars; 17 reviews)

Eudemian Ethics (Greek: ΗΘΙΚΩΝ ΕΥΔΗΜΙΩΝ Latin: ETHICA EUDEMIA) discusses topics including virtue, friendship, happiness and God. It is believed to have been written before Nicomachean Ethics and to be named after Eudemus of Rhodes. Books IV, V, and VI of Eudemian Ethics are identical to books V, VI, and VII of Nicomachean Ethics and are excluded from this translation. (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards) (4 hr 6 min)


01 - Book I Chapters 1-8 29:38 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
02 - Book II Chapters 1-6 31:28 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
03 - Book II Chapters 7-11 35:57 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
04 - Book III Chapters 1-7 42:14 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
05 - Book VII Chapters 1-5 38:26 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
06 - Book VII Chapters 6-11 31:48 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
07 - Book VII Chapters 12-15 37:20 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


(0.5 stars)

Impossible to listen to. The narrator’s voice has no color, no modulation, and has a whiny high boring pitch. Hopefully there would be other volunteers that read better. The content seems dry, so an actor’s voice is needed to sustain interest for the listener. I couldn’t endure it more than five minutes.

Okay Title

(2 stars)

Lacks depth and has a lot of inchoerent information. The only thing that saves it is aristotles presentation

(5 stars)

Love Geoffrey Edwards reading he became the voice of antiquities to me