The Macdermots of Ballycloran

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(4.5 stars; 15 reviews)

This is the story of the Macdermots of Ballycloran the story is about the tragic demise of a landowning family. Larry Macdermot lives in a dilapidated mansion in Co. Leitrim, whose mortgage to Joe Flannelly he cannot keep up. Enmity between the Macdermot and Flannelly families is sharpened by son Thady's having declined to marry Joe Flannelly's daughter, Sally. Macdermot's daughter, Feemy, is herself seduced by the locally hated English police officer, Captain Myles Ussher. This was Trollope's first published novel, which he began in September 1843 and completed by June 1845. However, it was not published until 1847. (Summary by Michele Eaton) (16 hr 41 min)


Ballycloran House as First Seen by the Author 12:10 Read by Bob Neufeld
The Macdermot Family 9:06 Read by Bob Neufeld
The Tenantry of Ballycloran 21:49 Read by Arlene Joyce
Myles Ussher 24:34 Read by Lynne T
Father John Part 1 19:54 Read by John O'Riordan
Father John Part 2 20:08 Read by John O'Riordan
Brother and Sister Part 1 19:46 Read by TriciaG
Brother and Sister Part 2 19:26 Read by TriciaG
The Priest's Dinner Party 23:13 Read by TriciaG
Miss Macdermot at Home 32:44 Read by Lynne T
Mohill 35:51 Read by Arlene Joyce
Mr Keegan Part 1 17:00 Read by KHand
Mr Keegan Part 2 17:08 Read by KHand
Pat Brady 20:27 Read by KHand
The Wedding Part 1 22:00 Read by TriciaG
The Wedding Part 2 21:16 Read by TriciaG
How the Wedding Party was Concluded Part 1 22:09 Read by Lynne T
How the Wedding Party was Concluded Part 2 22:05 Read by Lynne T
Denis M'Govery's Tidings 19:19 Read by Cynthia
The M'Keons Part 1 20:00 Read by Lynne T
The M'Keons Part 2 20:54 Read by Lynne T
Promotion 30:50 Read by Cynthia
Sport in the West 32:00 Read by Cynthia
How Pat Brady and Joe Reynolds were Eloquent in Vain 22:53 Read by fshort
The Races Part 1 18:30 Read by KHand
The Races Part 2 21:35 Read by KHand
How Captain Ussher Succeeded 23:43 Read by Cynthia
The Coroner's Inquest 28:06 Read by Cynthia
The Escape 32:40 Read by Cynthia
Aughacashel 20:50 Read by Lynne T
The Second Escape 20:58 Read by fshort
Retrospective 33:44 Read by Michele Eaton
The Duel 28:23 Read by Michele Eaton
Feemy Returns to Ballycloran Part 1 20:18 Read by fshort
Feemy Returns to Ballycloran Part 2 20:29 Read by fshort
Assizes at Carrick-On-Shannon Part 1 19:06 Read by Lynne T
Assizes at Carrick-On-Shannon Part 2 19:30 Read by Lynne T
Thady's Trial is Commenced Part 1 23:59 Read by fshort
Thady's Trial is Commenced Part 2 23:20 Read by fshort
The Prisoner's Defence Part 1 22:05 Read by Lynne T
The Prisoner's Defence Part 2 25:06 Read by Lynne T
The Last Witness 29:30 Read by Lynne T
The Verdict 17:17 Read by Lynne T
The End 26:01 Read by Lynne T


Very good

(5 stars)

Very good story, would have benefited from having one good reader throughout but most of them were ok apart from the dire attempts at an Irish accent by some....its a sad story, the main 2 characters being the priest and Thady are well drawn, the story moves along nicely and I found myself interested throughout....Trollope is a fine if partly forgotten writer


(5 stars)

Heart rending story. Trollope is a poet of prose and a genius of construction. A rival to Shakespeare and the author of Beowulf.

well written sort

(3 stars)

Story is quite good, but please , please please don’t do character voices unless you are a trained professional.