The Seven Sleuths' Club

Read by SamR

(4.5 stars; 71 reviews)

Some girls from a day school started a club called Spread Sunshine Club, but change the name when they decide to find some mysteries to solve. They add another girl to their club and before they realize a mystery has began! This is a book by the same author of Bobs, a Girl Detective. She had another writing name. (Summary by peppersnoodles93) (3 hr 51 min)


01 - Enter the S.S.C. 6:18 Read by SamR
02 - Snow Maidens 6:01 Read by SamR
03 - A Merry Adventure 13:55 Read by SamR
04 - Interesting News 7:15 Read by SamR
05 - A Mischievous Plan 7:47 Read by SamR
06 - Milk Maids and Butter Churners 6:37 Read by SamR
07 - An Unwilling Hostess 7:54 Read by SamR
08 - Three Letters 13:26 Read by SamR
09 - A Returned Call 7:46 Read by SamR
10 - Wanted-A Housekeeper 13:55 Read by SamR
11 - A Rebellious Boy 5:14 Read by SamR
12 - A Sleigh-Ride Party 7:00 Read by SamR
13 - A Bag of Gold 11:26 Read by SamR
14 - Two Conspirators 6:32 Read by SamR
15 - A Boy's Repentance 11:36 Read by SamR
16 - The Heart of a Snob 6:50 Read by SamR
17 - First Day in a New School 8:54 Read by SamR
18 - A Mystery to Solve 9:43 Read by SamR
19 - Searching for Clues 7:57 Read by SamR
20 - The Sleuths Sleuthing 11:35 Read by SamR
21 - A Valentine Party 10:23 Read by SamR
22 - A New Resolve 7:05 Read by SamR
23 - A Proud Cook 10:01 Read by SamR
24 - Kindness Rewarded 8:20 Read by SamR
25 - A Much Loved Girl 6:03 Read by SamR
26 - A Happy Reunion 6:14 Read by SamR
27 - Home, Sweet Home 5:45 Read by SamR


Sweet Story!

(5 stars)

I love this author! Excellent reader, too! A very sweet story of teenagers growing up in the country one winter during the horse and buggy days, reminds me of all the stories my grandmother told me when she was growing up in the country with her high school friends and all the fun parties they had together.

(4.5 stars)

Very much feels like a BOXCAR CHILDREN mystery. that said, it's definitely worth a few hours of your time. I admit to being fooled by the main mystery which sadly didn't appear until chapter 18.

(3.5 stars)

there's some errors in the recording chapter 4 and chapter 27 both are repeats of previous chapters so um you guys need to look at that an update your file thank you

Wonderful Book with such a Beautiful ending!!!!

(5 stars)

This book is a must read for anyone who loves a good light detective book with a hint of romance!

(5 stars)

A splendid model of evolving friendship and kinship in action.

(5 stars)

I love thus story its so sweet