Recollections of Bush Life in Australia

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This was written in the mid 1800’s at time when Australia saw an influx of immigration from Europe and when England was sending some prisoners to Australia rather than to prisons. Haygarth shows us what it is like, and what it takes, to live in the Australian Bush. He shows us about the different life on a cattle/sheep station, living miles from the nearest neighbor, getting to town just a few times a year and that it may be several hundred miles away. From his own experiences relates dealings with BushRangers (thieves), building and running a station, breaking wild horses, helping neighbors in times of need. We learn about how disputes are settled, the wildlife and fauna of the bush, aboriginal customs, festivals and weapons. (Summary Kirk202) (6 hr 26 min)


Introduction 9:58 Read by KirksVoice
Early Impressions of Australia 18:11 Read by KirksVoice
A Head Station in the Interior 21:22 Read by KirksVoice
Society in the Inland Districts 29:39 Read by KirksVoice
Report of Bushrangers 18:50 Read by KirksVoice
Sheep Farming 28:58 Read by KirksVoice
Bush Cattle 43:00 Read by KirksVoice
The Half-wild Horses of the Interior 29:28 Read by KirksVoice
Economy of a Station 22:59 Read by KirksVoice
An Invitation 15:27 Read by KirksVoice
First Visit From the Aborigines 31:19 Read by KirksVoice
Incidents of Daily Life 22:06 Read by KirksVoice
Character of Australian Scenery 43:36 Read by KirksVoice
The Overlanders 26:25 Read by KirksVoice
Female Society in the Bush 25:08 Read by KirksVoice


very accurate description of then and some of which is still appropriate. Aussi…

(5 stars)

recollections of bush life in Australia

(5 stars)