Cats: Their Points and Characteristics, with Curiosities of Cat Life, and a Ch…

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(3.6 stars; 10 reviews)

How true is the old saw: "Dogs have families, but cats have staff"? Cats have been favorite domestic pets for thousands of years. This is a study of their history, characteristics and suitability as pets, together with some charming cat tales. A must-read for cat lovers of all ages. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (8 hr 19 min)


Apologetic 2:30 Read by Lynne T
Pussy On Her Native Hearth 25:25 Read by Kate Sterner
Pussy's Love Of Children 12:18 Read by Greg Giordano
Pussy "Poll" 9:27 Read by Greg Giordano
Sagacity Of Cats 19:24 Read by Greg Giordano
A Cat That Keeps The Sabbath 4:25 Read by Greg Giordano
Honest Cats 7:35 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
The Ploughman's "Mysie" 4:20 Read by Greg Giordano
Tenacity Of Life In Cats 15:38 Read by ashleighjane
Nomadism In Cats 9:28 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
"Is Cats To Be Trusted?" 18:56 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
Pussy As A Mother 18:19 Read by Kate Sterner
Home Ties And Affections 20:48 Read by Onjana Yawnghwe
Fishing Exploits 10:28 Read by krzys
The Adventures Of Blinks 41:30 Read by KHand
Hunting Exploits 10:40 Read by krzys
Cock-Jock And The Cat 9:44 Read by Kate Sterner
Nursing Vagaries 13:37 Read by Kate Sterner
Pussy's Playmates 10:36 Read by Greg Giordano
Pussy And The Hare 6:35 Read by Lynne T
The Miller's Friend, A Tale 35:03 Read by Kate Sterner
Origin And Antiquity Of The Domestic Cat 10:08 Read by Lynne T
Classification And Points 28:02 Read by Onjana Yawnghwe
Pussy's Patience And Cleanliness 15:44 Read by Onjana Yawnghwe
Tricks And Training 10:30 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Cruelty To Cats 27:33 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Parliamentary Protection For The Domestic Cat 11:25 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Feline Ailments 27:28 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
Odds And Ends 27:20 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
The Two Muffies, A Tale 34:08 Read by Kate Sterner
Black Tom, The Skipper's Imp 54:00 Read by Malcolm Cameron



(3 stars)

I listened at bed time to try to fall asleep. It's not exiting nor completely boring so it was perfect for my purposes. Be aware that there are some animal cruelly acts mentioned. Also, it seems like people would drown unwanted kittens & cats like it's normal. This has been the case with another cat book on Librivox. I'm thinking these aren't for me. It can be too much.

Not good

(0.5 stars)

I LOVE cats and most things cat-themed, but this book was dull, not very informative and old fashioned. This is quite something from someone who has been nicknamed 'the ultimate cat woman'!

(0.5 stars)

Some of the cruelties met in this book made me cry, and the “Drowning the unwanted kittens” part was stupid, nobody would ever do that, even back then.