Celebration of Dialects and Accents, Vol 2.

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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A celebration of all the wonderful dialects and accents found within the LibriVox community!

The goal being to record a 'phonetically relevant' text by as many volunteers as possible, and make this dialect/accent 'database' available to the world, by releasing the recordings into the public domain. - Summary by Délibáb (0 hr 24 min)


Metropolitan Texas accent 1:20 Read by Bill Mosley
Midwestern US accent 1:23 Read by CaprishaPage
German accent 1:25 Read by Claudia Salto
Hungarian accent 1:08 Read by Diana Majlinger
Midwestern US accent 2 1:25 Read by Malone
Dutch accent 1:12 Read by Ernst Pattynama
Southeastern Pennsylvania accent 1:18 Read by Greg Giordano
Lancashire accent 0:59 Read by Jason Mills
Austrian accent 1:02 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Australian accent 0:55 Read by Kris Moore
Australian accent 2 1:07 Read by Linda Jenner
Great Lakes region accent 1:13 Read by Maria Kasper
Mid-Atlantic British accent 1:42 Read by Nicholas James Bridgewater
South Louisiana US accent 1:21 Read by Pam Castille
German/mixed bag accent 1:14 Read by Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
Midwest USA/Kansas accent 1:13 Read by Ryan Bradburn
Pacific Northwest accent 1:04 Read by sdaeley17
English Public School (Received Pronunciation) accent 1:08 Read by Simon Evers
North Texas US accent 1:07 Read by Sarah Holtz
Mid-England British accent 1:06 Read by Steve Lawrence


prologue forever if you ask m4 I could revel in accents, origins

(5 stars)