The Watchers

Read by Jacquerie

(4.3 stars; 151 reviews)

A dark tale of adventure, piracy, murder, and revenge set on a rugged Cornish island in the mid-1700s. Told with the literary excellence to be expected from the author of The Four Feathers, the tale begins with a dangerous youth who sat in the stocks, and a girl named Helen, and a gang of men watching a granite house at the edge of the sea. NOTE: Contains some language that would be considered offensive to the modern ear. (Christine Dufour) (6 hr 7 min)


Chapter I 21:52 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter II 26:00 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter III 15:46 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IV 19:53 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter V 22:50 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VI 24:27 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VII 11:48 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VIII 19:13 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IX 18:29 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter X 19:38 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XI 25:09 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XII 24:09 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIII 13:45 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIV 26:53 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XV 14:10 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVI 14:05 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVII 17:59 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVIII 16:44 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIX 14:44 Read by Jacquerie


Full of Spine-Tingling Twists!

(5 stars)

A.E.W.Mason wrote with such, flair for the diabolical knave, never forgetting that we, as the silent audience, needs must know each and every subtle nuance, to complete the picture he's woven for us. A Mystery, that leads it's readers along a path they feel compelled to travel, with giddy, nervous anxieties, is the height of entertainment! This book has it, in Spades!

Good story

(5 stars)

It was very intrestid i enjoy it much:-)


(5 stars)

Another interesting Mason novel, read by an excellent reader. It is a pity that Librivox has produced only 4 of Mason's many books.

Phenomenal Gem

(5 stars)

The Watchers was the first book I've listened to of this author, and I fell in love with it. I don't tend to review a book unless it leaves a strong impression, and this has quickly become one of my favorites. The mysteries unfold at an exciting pace, and the slightly slow first few chapters is well compensated for. Love this book, and it was well read too!

Worth every minute

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this story very much. The several mysteries in the tale are woven together and presented at an unfolding, captivating, measured pace. The seaside setting, the vivid descriptions, and the fascinating characters, good and evil, are excellent. The reader is well-spoken, and was a wonderful companion on long, lonely COVID 19 walks. Highly recommended.

Pirates, Smugglers. and a Little Devilish Magic

(4 stars)

After a slow start, this one develops into a nice bit of drama, where the motives of a couple of the characters are well concealed. Very satisfying light weight fiction of the day, and pleasantly read.

Very Well Read

(5 stars)

The story is interesting, and in the context of the time, it was sensational. The reader is excellent. Good voice, pacing, and delivery. Thank you so much for your time and effort providing us with your work!

(4 stars)

Nice intriguing story. The reader is pleasant to listen to. I love listening to these older books that have no sexual immorality described in them. Clean enough for anyone 13 plus. It is a bit gruesome for sensitive younger readers.